I’m sorry but is this not a shared moral disgrace?

The title of the piece is “The Filibuster Against the Jobless: A Moral Disgrace” by Robert Borosage for Campaign for America’s Future (February 12,2014). The introduction to the piece on the CFAF’s Progressive Breakfast newsletter reads:

 “This is a moral disgrace. The ‘recovery’ tracked by economists has left over 20 million Americans still in need of full-time work. Many search desperately for work for months without success. Many have given up completely and dropped out of the workforce. They get no assistance. Those receiving jobless benefits are the most resolute, still looking after four months, trying to find work that will support their families.

The Republicans that blocked this aid—and they were all Republicans—express ill-concealed scorn for these Americans. These are, in their view, part of the 47% of ‘takers’ who Mitt Romney discounted. So Republicans devise various rationales for turning their backs on those in distress.


So then, my question (which ties in with my brief posting from yesterday, “what the damn dems are doing that pleases me and what they ain’t”): If the Republican “filibuster against the jobless” is a “moral disgrace,” then is not the Democrats allowing that filibuster to occur equally disgraceful?

Comments and arguments welcome!