accident report update: a second posting on a second day

JUST CHECKING IN with an accident report update: stiffness and mild pain in both Berni’s and my lower neck and shoulders with a light headache due to the rear-ending we received in an automobile accident on Saturday (see previous post from yesterday). The problem area for both of us is our lower back, especially mine: very stiff with my range of motion both limited and some movements painful.

Just returned from our doctor, who, after checking out our physical injuries, inquired as to our mental health. He cautioned us to be alert to fogginess, especially difficulty do any kind of math. He also asked if either of us were dizzy, or even hallucinating at all.

I told the doctor how Berni had woken up in the middle of last night and found me prowling around the house with a fly-swatter in my hand. She thought I was possibly in a manic state.

Of course she asked, “What are you doing at 3:00 in the morning with a fly-swatter.”

And I said, “Killing flies.”

Of course she asked, “So, have you got any?”

And I said, “Three males and two females.”

Of course she asked, “How the hell could you tell their sex?”

And I said, “Three were on a beer can and two were on the phone.”

But seriously, we are both on a week-long whiplash watch. Hoping things are better with you . . .