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AS I TACKLE THE NEXT PART of my extended say on the movie Wild In The Streets and its attendant soundtrack music for my Rather Rare Records (dotcom) site, I found myself in need of a Del Shannon fix. And, once fixed, I thought I would fill in the gap between WITS posts by sharing some of his work! 

So, I took the time away from the recordings and the actual records associated with the Wild In The Streets movie (which is requiring far more research and ratiocination time than expected) and wrote a two-parter the late, great Del Shannon. 

The first post is titled “tears are falling and I feel the pain” and is very brief indeed, while the second part (“1,661 words on del shannon”) deals with the fact that Del was an early advocate of the Beatles and other British artists before they were discovered by American top 40 radio. It also corrects some errors that I made in the first piece.

The work needed for the above WITS work and many other things happening too much too fast in my personal life—like buying a house and moving into it; getting a new job, losing it, and getting another new job; getting hit by a car and being on whip-lash alert; and now we are in a very rare heat wave here in the usually-temperate Pacific Northwest (it reached 98 on the thermometer outside our house yesterday)—is my explanation for the lack of attention and fresh postings to this site, . . .


FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is Del Shannon in an obviously cold, outdoors environment—but I haven’t a clue as to what it year it was taken.

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