at least hillary knows the difference between “alternative” and “alternate”

LAST NIGHT’S SLUGFEST consisted of ninety minutes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton calling each other names (“liar” popped up more than once) and declaring each other untrustworthy and unfit for office. Policy differences and other matters that should concern these two candidates were set aside so that each could impugn the basic character of the other! As Politico remarked, “It was the ugliest debate in American history.”

Was this the ugliest debate in American history.”

But I focus here instead on grammar: we now live in a world where supposedly trained, professional journalists and industry associates universally misuse use alternate to describe the multiple alternative movie endings found on some DVDs, or the bonus tracks of alternative takes found on many CDs

So it is that one candidate’s one statement shone for me:

Mrs Clinton said of Mr Trump, “I’m sorry I have to keep saying this, but he lives in an alternative reality.”

Brava!!! to Hillary for being one of the few people in America to know the difference between alternative and alternate and using at them correctly!

I will sleep better at night knowing this grammarian is leading our country . . .


Alternative: cartoon by David Horsey of the debate between Clinton and Trump in a 19th century background.

Cartoon by the indubitable David Horsey for The Los Angeles Times.

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