backgammon and chaos theory

When I am at the computer writing for lengthy periods of time, I do do the right ting and break up the tension by leaving my seat, walking about, doing stretches, etc. I also do plenty of the wrong thing: I click on over to a backgammon site and play away.

When first I discovered the joy of online backgammoning, I would pay complete attention to each and every move, mine and my opponent’s. When my turn had ended and the other player had rolled the die, I would count the various moves open to him and see if he chose the moves that I would were I in his position. Normal stuff, nyet?

Now, I do the opposite: when my turn is over, I close my eyes and wait for my opponent’s turn to end (there is a dong sound when each move is completed on the game that I play).

So now, when I open my eyes, I am in a completely new game!

This forces me to rethink the positions of all of the pieces on the board but also my strategy.

I know: meaningless stuff, no? But give it a try and see if it doesn’t add a wee bit o’ the spice o’ life to a sometimes predictable game playing . . .

3 thoughts on “backgammon and chaos theory

  1. Oh, the games people play. My story: When I sit at the computer, typing and writing eBay stuff for hours on end I also take a break for exercise. My upper torso is getting much stronger. Picking myself up after I fall to the floor takes stamina and, well… brute strength. I can never tell if my legs have fallen asleep. Leaving Charlotte for Atlanta tomorrow morning and then, after a week with my sister we fly to Napa for a 3 week Christmas visit. Jenna is moving to Koln, Germany with her German boyfriend and I feel pretty sure Sara is going to announce something like engagement (better than pregnancy!). Growing old sucks, but age has it’s merits. I can actually remember the day ‘In My Room’ came out on 45.

    1. Three weeks in Napa sounds wonderful! Tell Jenna and Sara to live life to its fullest and then grow old and tool around the East Coast in a Winnybagel and sell things on eBay . . .

  2. The day that “In My Room” came out as a 45 I was 12 and hated the Beach Boys! If it was ever played on Top 40 radio in Wyoming Valley then, I probably turned it off so fast that I never got past the first few bars and into their whiny vocals. Those were the days . . .

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