whose fault is it? (on playing the blame game)

I SUBSCRIBE TO SEVERAL NEWSLETTERS, which deliver a videos to my mailbox every day. Most of these are short and meant to bring a smile to the viewer. In my case, a smile that early in the morning is appreciated, especially when accompanied by a mug of French roasted coffee.

I received this one earlier today from Big Geek Daddy, who claim to offer “Funny, Cool, & Interesting Videos.” They lived up to that brag with an animated short-short titled “The Blame Game” by Dr. Brené Brown.

I laughed at how the event played itself out, how the narrator—who is a research professor and best selling author and an able public speaker—laid out her non-rational rationale for the blame, and at how much it reminded me of too many people in my life.


I was going to post it on Facebook and write something pithy like, “Sounds like every woman I have ever known—and half the men.” But, Berni watched the video and I ran my idea past her. She suggested that instead I send the video to some people in my life, all of whom I care about, each of whom is lost in blame.

I immediately responded with, “No. They might actually watch the video and learn something . Then they might put this new knowledge into action, and change their lives for the better. And they might not like this—and then you know what would happen?”

“Yup,” answered Berni. “They’d be miserable being happy.”

And I asked, “And then you know what would happen?”

“Yup,” answered Berni. “Then they’d blame you!”


FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page accompanied the article “Destroy The Blame Game” on the sales-based website Engage (January 15, 2015). I added the red tint for effect.

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    “The Black Death (i.e, The Plague) was a cataclysmic event in medieval Europe. It swept from the south and by the time it reached England it had consumed the lives of millions of people. Unable to comprehend what was causing the pestilence, the largely illiterate Christian population assumed it was the wrath of God. This population, which was already steeped in deep anti-Jewish rhetoric they heard from their priests, easily concluded that the Jews were to blame for the Black Death.

    After all, they already accused Jews of poisoning wells ritual murder desecrating the host spiritual blindness killing Jesus attempting to defile the Christian mind being agents of the Devil yada yada oy vey and other groundless accusations that made the ordinary medieval Christian reflexively blame Jews for any problem—irrespective of how unfounded and preposterous it may be.

    The fact that Jews died in the Black Death as well as Christians did not deter ordinary Christians from thinking that Jews were to be blamed for it, despite the fact that Pope Clement VI pointed out this obvious fact.”

    If Jews can handle alla that, who am I to say ‘no’ to handling a little hanging . . .


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