holy fudd! academia discovers that women objectify men, see us as just so much eye-candy

FOR STATING THE OBVIOUS, a recent study by two British universities analyzing images posted on TubeCrush over a period of three years is tough to top. TubeCrush is a website where people post pictures of men (“eye candy”) taken surreptitiously on the London Underground railway system. The researchers came to this astounding conclusion: “Muscles and money are qualities that straight women and gay men typically find CONTINUE READING

why do we count people who never vote as voters?

A LOCAL COUNTRY CLUB gives you a free lifetime membership with full access to its gorgeous 18-hole golf course. Nice, right? But what if you have never hit a golf ball outside of a miniature golf course. What if you have absolutely no interest in ever playing golf—how much would such a gift count to you and would you count as a genuine golfer? 

tim minchin really is an inspiring speaker (on life, dreams, and exercise)

I’M NOT BIG ON INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKERSor inspirational books or art or even quips and quotes. I don’t believe that I have ever recommended anything inspirational to anyone in my life. At least not in the modern sense of the word ‘inspirational’ as it relates to Tony Roberts and related go-to gurus. None of whom I’m knocking here—just saying it’s not my bag.


our world is choking on plastic (demand corporations do their part to end it)

AN ARTICLE TITLEDMore plastic than fish in the sea by 2050” draws attention to a new Ellen MacArthur Foundation report on plastics and the oceans of our world. Greenpeace constructed their consciousness-raising quote for their current “Demand big corporations do their part to end plastic pollution” petition (in bold grey print below) from this report.

Facts in the MacArthur report regarding CONTINUE READING

I think the psychedelic path is sometimes the easiest path

Path: fractal image that resembles a psychedelic mandala.

THE GOD CAPSULE is the clever term applied to a hit of LSD in “The God Capsule: Can Psychedelics Prove a Biological Basis for Spirituality?” An article by Alexander Zaitchik (November 8, 2017), it addresses the psychedelic path and its effects of LSD on the human meat system. In it, David Nutt, co-director of the Beckley-Imperial College psychedelic research program in London, states:


that number has been greatly exaggerated by the rightwing (of course)

WE ARE SO USED to massive government spending that $678,000,000 is a relatively small number. Way too much to spend for a malfunctioning website, for sure, but still small in the scheme of government spending. Until you look at it this way.” That number has been greatly exaggerated by the rightwing—of course. 1

That’s the opening to another viral rightwing email that I received CONTINUE READING

three days after the burial of the beethoven

ON APRIL 1, 1827, three days after the burial of the great Ludwig van Beethoven in the cemetery at Währing (in northwestern Vienna, on the edge of the Vienna Woods), an ardent admirer of the maestro’s glorious music ventured to his gravesite to pay his respects. He was quite shocked when he heard what sounded like garbled music coming from within the grave.


it’s better to know nothing than to know what isn’t so

THE MAIN MAXIM that I try to follow in living the conscious part of my life is a well-known quote by Mark Twain: “It ain’t what you know that gets you into trouble—it’s what you know that just ain’t so.” These are wise words and ones that, should you adopt them, keeps you on your toes. In fact, if you know nothing else, knowing this could CONTINUE READING

how do you know the neighbors are having sex?

FRIENDS OF OURS and former neighbors—let’s call them Bill and Pam—have a precocious 8-year-old son named Shaun who loves root beer Popsicles. He takes his time eating them to make the flavor last as long as possible. At first, Bill and Pam found this a little annoying, because Popsicle’s melt and get messy.

But they found a way to use their son’s eating habit to