Blues and R&B 45s of the ’50s



Blues and R&B 45s of the ’50s Price Guide
Monaural Press, 2001


 IN 2001, THINGS CHANGED. I was several years removed from O’Sullivan Woodside and Goldmine and Krause Publications. So I published The Umphred Guide To Blues And Rhythm & Blues 45s Of The 50s under my own imprint, Monaural Press. I did it the old-fashioned way, paying a printer to make the books.

It cost me a fortune, but I knew I had a book that was gonna fly!

Then something happened.

Things changed . . .


As the first printing of The Umphred Guide To Blues And Rhythm & Blues 45s Of The 50s was for a limited edition, advanced copy, it did not have finished cover artwork. Instead it looked like this: I hand-stamped “Advance Copy” on each book. With few exceptions, all copies of this book look like this—not that most of you will ever see a copy.

When I first conceived of this book, my first—and only choice—for co-author was the legendary Val Shively. His used-record store R&B Records had been a fixture in the Philadelphia area for decades, and his knowledge of the rhythm & blues field was legendary!

So I trekked to Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (look it up) to entreat Val to join me.

He turned me down.

He sent me on my way to Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

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