brass-balled rightwing babe badmouths wussy liberal hollywood actresses

THANK WHOLLY GROMMETT in Heaven that we have women like Fox News host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery! This brass-balled babe certainly put those liberal elite pampered opinionated Hollywood actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie in their place for keeping their stories about Harvey Weinstein to themselves all these years!

Ms Montgomery—who must be making the ghosts of feminists past posthumously proud—blasted A-list Weinstein accusers for waiting to speak up after years and years and years of silence.

How dare these nattering shebobs of negativism claim to be afraid to stand up to and go mano-a-mano with one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Hollywood!!

How dare these actresses not come forward and discuss their secrets and their shame!!!

Ms Montgomery was right-on (“Right-on!”) in putting pussy Paltrow in her proper pusillanimous place: “It’s really easy for Gwyneth Paltrow to come forward in 2017, when it’s safe to tell this, when she has benefited from these relationships for decades.”

Paltrow had previously proffered the pallid “I was a kid—I was petrified” as justification for years of keeping her dirty laundry a secret from interested Fox News hosts.

Oh, yeah—and from the rest of us innocent bystanders.


Photo of brass-balled Fox News host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.

Ms Montgomery, who has her own self-titled show on Fox New, has acknowledged that she has a pink Rep*blican elephant tattooed on her upper left thigh. Not being able to see her theoretically thrilling thighs, I have to remark upon her uncanny resemblance to former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Goodness, they could be sisters! 

Bussing tables midnight-to-morning

Personally, I know that if I was a woman and I had gone to Hollywood to be an actress when I was young and some influential producer preyed on me—and I know this would have happened because I know I would have been hot as a young chick—I would have just said “No!” and told everybody what a macho pig he was and I know I would have done this then and kissed goodbye my chance at a successful career and good money because I would have had my back-up job of bussing tables on the midnight-to-morning shift at some 24-hour greasy spoon that catered to the scum of Los Angeles to fall back on when all the producer’s director and producer friends stopped calling me about parts but I would have had my pride and now I have the knowledge that Lisa Kennedy Montgomery would also be proud of me for being that kind of woman which she [apparently] [hopefully] is, too . . .


Brass-balled: photo of elephant painted pink.

FEATURED IMAGE: I found this superduperare pink elephant accompanying an essay on living with Tourettes by Troye Evers: “The more you point it out [my tic], the more I will do it.  It’s like the old saying, ‘Don’t think about a pink elephant.’ What are you thinking about right now? Let me guess. In fact, every time I say ‘pink elephant,’ one is going to pop in your head.  The same goes for me with [Tourettes Syndrome] and their tics.

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