oh yeah, the guy brings the condoms (hah!)

EPISODE 17 OF SEASON 6 of the ABC TV series Grey’s Anatomy is titled “Push.” It includes several ongoing sub-plots, including a relatively new one: the recently divorced Dr. Miranda Bailey is dating for the first time in years. And there is a conversation about who brings the condoms:

She turns to fellow surgeon Dr. Callie Torres for advice, who informs her that, as this is her third date with the same man (of course it’s another doctor), and as he has invited her to his place to cook dinner for her, he will be expecting sex. 1ab

Miranda wisely inquires about the possible need for contraception for the evening. Here is the first part of their conversation: 

Miranda: Condoms?!!?

Callie: They have them in the clinic.

Miranda: No, no! Am I supposed to bring them?

Callie: Oh. Right. Yeah. Yeah. The guy brings the condoms. Anyhow, I would’ve pegged you for the diaphragm type.

At this point I pressed the pause button on the remote control and howled, “No! You never ever ever ever depend on the man to bring the condoms! What century is this show taking place in?!!?”

And Berni replied, “A lot of women think this way.”

To which I replied, “And that’s why they get pregnant!”

Then I pressed the play button and this followed . . .

Bailey: I have a diaphragm. Diaphragms prevent pregnancy. They don’t protect against the raft of sexually transmitted diseases. You’re a physician, am I really explaining this to you?

Callie: I got it, I got it. Okay, you know, look. Guy brings the condoms but sometimes they fail to provide them on the third date as a sign of respect. . . . So you know what, you should bring them. Always bring them. Why trust the guy, right?

Whew! Sanity restored.

Okay, ladies, please remember Dr. Torres’s advice: Always bring the condoms. Why trust the guy, right? 2ab

 PS: Doncha just love how the image at the top of this page looks like some cavorting wee beasties under van Leeuwenhoek‘s microscope?



I thought I’d cheat here and start the footnotes off with a couple of photos of a couple of beautiful women . . .



1a   For Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Miranda Bailey (above top) and Dr. Callie Torres (above bottom) are brilliantly played by the lovely 9and that’s a bonus) Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez, respectively.

1b   We don’t all expect sex on our third date. Hell, some of us don’t “expect” sex at all—but it’s groovy when it happens!

2a   A diaphragm plus a condom plus the pill works even better. And it’s okay to bring a bottle or three of wine on a third date at his place.

2b   And if my daughter is reading this she better be heeding the pearls of wisdom here and never ever ever ever expect the guy to bring the condoms . . .