our world is choking on plastic (demand corporations do their part to end it)

AN ARTICLE TITLEDMore plastic than fish in the sea by 2050” draws attention to a new Ellen MacArthur Foundation report on plastics and the oceans of our world. Greenpeace constructed their consciousness-raising quote for their current “Demand big corporations do their part to end plastic pollution” petition (in bold grey print below) from this report.

Facts in the MacArthur report regarding CONTINUE READING

laughing with alan watts and the wild hogs

WHO RECOMMENDED “WILD HOGS”? This furshlugginer film is poorly conceived and predictably pointless! It is a biker-comedy (of which we haven’t had one in years—thank Wholly Grommett!) with an impressive if motley cast. There are four male leads, two roles filled by a couple of serious actors that I enjoy seeing in just about anything. Unfortunately, a pair of supposedly funny actors that I rarely CONTINUE READING

so like, what’s with all the dvd packaging?

WHAT’S WITH THE DVD PACKAGING? A simple question, right? Why so many different boxes jackets sleeves whatever? Why no uniformity or user friendliness? And I don’t even want to start on the way DVDs begin: the various way-too-f*cking-clever manners in which bored techs find to align the chapters or choices in the opening minutes of the video is often confusing and frustrating!

Today’s record album


is this the most valuable picture sleeve in the world?

On August 30, 1968, London Records pulled Street Fighting Man from the Rolling Stones’ recently released BEGGARS BANQUET album and issued it as the group’s follow-up single to Jumpin’ Jack Flash. London Records had ordered a run of picture sleeves for the single, which was the norm for any American record by the Rolling Stones.


The norm was usually a posed photo of the CONTINUE READING

ken thorne chose to chase the tyrol to the bitter end

In the early 1970s, I discovered that when a British fan bought a copy of the Beatles’ 1965 album HELP! (Parlophone PMC-1255/PCS-3071) in the UK, he got a Beatles album with fourteen (14) new Beatles recordings. When an American fan bought the same title (HELP!, Capitol MAS/SMAS-2386) in the US, he got an “original soundtrack album” with only seven (7) new Beatles recordings! CONTINUE READING

alive and well and still writing in the oh-so-hot pacific northwest

AS I TACKLE THE NEXT PART of my extended say on the movie Wild In The Streets and its attendant soundtrack music for my Rather Rare Records (dotcom) site, I found myself in need of a Del Shannon fix. And, once fixed, I thought I would fill in the gap between WITS posts by sharing some of his work! 

So, I took the time away CONTINUE READING

listen people, to what I say

In early 1966, my sister bought Herman’s Hermits’ new single, Listen People. She proceeded to play it night and day, driving my bother and me to beyond distraction. In fact, sooooooooooo far beyond distraction, that we decided, “Nevermore!”


This entry on the Herman’s Hermits single Listen People from 1966 has been moved from this website to my new website, Rather Rare Records (ratherrarerecords.com). It CONTINUE READING

people who have died from a marijuana overdose placed on endangered list

In an article in today’s Huffington Post (September 4, 2013) titled “Here Are All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose” it states:“Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government wouldn’t intervene as Colorado and Washington state implement plans for a system of legalized marijuana for adults.

In a joint letter written to Holder on Friday, law enforcement organizations CONTINUE READING