wine snobs got doctor conti while the rest of us get two buck chuck

FORGERY IS A TIME-HONORED TRA­DI­TION in the world of art. Ro­man artists made copies of Greek sculp­tures, al­though whether the pur­chasers of these fakes were aware of their origin is un­known. Forg­ers have taken on new im­por­tance since the 19th cen­tury, as the name of the artist of­ten has more mean­ing to a cus­tomer than the ac­tual qual­ity of the paint­ing. Of course, mak­ing an ex­act copy of a paint­ing, doc­u­ment, or even a sig­na­ture and pass­ing it off as the real thing is a crime. Some forg­ers who were caught in the act be­came fa­mous for their skills as a copy­ist and… Con­tinue Read­ing wine snobs got doc­tor conti while the rest of us get two buck chuck

too many immoral people are trolling more effectively than ever before

TOO MANY IM­MORAL PEO­PLE are trolling more ef­fec­tively than ever! This state­ment is taken from the penul­ti­mate para­graph in Jenny Pierson's "Don't Feed the Trolls: How Out­rage Fu­els Sick­en­ing Ca­reers." The ar­ti­cle is sub­ti­tled "The guy who wrote the book on trolling has some tough-to-swallow sug­ges­tions on com­bat­ing the worst of it." It ap­peared on Al­ter­Net on Feb­ru­ary 11, 2017. This is part of my on­go­ing se­ries of ar­ti­cles on the malev­o­lence of in­ter­net trolls, but this time I am let­ting Ms Pier­son do all the talk­ing. All text be­tween the hor­i­zon­tal lines is from her ar­ti­cle. 1 Note that… Con­tinue Read­ing too many im­moral peo­ple are trolling more ef­fec­tively than ever be­fore

rumor and speculation can look like alternative facts

EVERY TROLL IS RIGHTWINGED, or least seems to be. Every fake news site and every blog pass­ing on al­ter­na­tive facts also seems to be far right of cen­ter. Of course, this is based on my ex­pe­ri­ence on the free­wheel­ing world­wide web of fact and fic­tion, opin­ion and as­sess­ment, ru­mor and spec­u­la­tion, and every­thing else a hu­man can do with words, im­ages, and sym­bols. The free­dom of the In­ter­net has given us mil­lions of blogs for blog­gers to ex­press opin­ion or re­search facts. It has also given us web­sites with "re­porters" who have never taken a sin­gle class in Jour­nal­ism, and with… Con­tinue Read­ing ru­mor and spec­u­la­tion can look like al­ter­na­tive facts

welcoming jayce hunter messenger to this whole world (om-dot-diddit)

ON NO­VEM­BER 18, 2016, my won­drous daugh­ter Ananda gave birth to my first grand­child, Jayce Hunter Mes­sen­ger. Daugh­ter and grand­child are do­ing well, as is new daddy Jamison Mes­sen­ger. I waited a few weeks to post these phở­tos as I wanted to give J.H. some time to re­cu­per­ate from the tran­si­tion. Click on ei­ther photo to scale it to your screen's size. As­tro­log­i­cal irony or a mes­sen­ger from the Void? Jayce is a Scor­pio. That sign cov­ers those souls who tran­si­tioned be­tween Oc­to­ber 23 and No­vem­ber 21. And I have my own per­sonal nest of Scor­pi­ons in my life. Er, that should be "nest of Scor­pios." What… Con­tinue Read­ing wel­com­ing jayce hunter mes­sen­ger to this whole world (om-dot-diddit)

An Introduction to Neal Umphred Dot Com

THIS SITE could have a bet­ter name than mine with "dot com" tacked on to it. I had con­sid­ered In­tro­duc­tion to Ra­ti­o­ci­na­tions Out of Thin Air as a title—and that would have been a great ti­tle, if a con­fus­ing ti­tle. So we're stuck with Neal Umphred Dot Com. As some­one once fa­mous once said, "So it goes." 1 Ei­ther way, read­ers are con­fronted with two rather un­com­mon words (al­though alien has been used in ref­er­ence to one of them): Umphred and ra­ti­o­ci­na­tion. The fam­ily name ap­pears to be of Scot­tish origin, which ex­plains why Laphoaig tasted like the wa­ter of life with my first sip!… Con­tinue Read­ing An In­tro­duc­tion to Neal Umphred Dot Com

I've reason to believe, we all will be received in graceland

THE WEB­SITE FOR GRACE­LAND posted a con­densed ver­sion of my ar­ti­cle, "Elvis Presley’s ’68 Come­back – Bur­bank to Grace­land." This was done to com­mem­o­rate the an­niver­sary of the orig­i­nal broad­cast of the NBC-TV Spe­cial on De­cem­ber 3, 1968. This post­ing on Elvis Presley's "of­fi­cial" web­site has sent tens of thou­sands of in­ter­ested read­ers to the Best Clas­sic Band's Face­book page to find the com­plete, orig­i­nal ar­ti­cle. (For more in­for­ma­tion, see the pre­vi­ous post on this site.) So, now more peo­ple have read this ar­ti­cle in one week­end than have read all the ar­ti­cles on my own Elvis site in three years. That's all the ar­ti­cles com­bined!   A close-up of… Con­tinue Read­ing I've rea­son to be­lieve, we all will be re­ceived in grace­land

writing for the best classic bands website

I JUST PUB­LISHED my first pro­fes­sional ar­ti­cle in al­most twenty years. That means I got paid for it, rather than pub­lish­ing it on my own web­site for free. "From Bur­bank To Grace­land To Face­book" is a look at the NBC-TV Spe­cial ELVIS broad­cast on De­cem­ber 3, 1968. It was pub­lished on the Best Clas­sic Bands web­site. I've posted 800,000 words in three years on my sites. But as a writer paid to pub­lish his work, it's taken a while to mo­ti­vate my ag­ing au­tho­rial juices to sub­mit my work to web­sites other than my own. Un­til now, that is.  Elvis spin­nin'… Con­tinue Read­ing writ­ing for the best clas­sic bands web­site