what do lee harvey oswald and facebook temptresses have in common?

SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN! Gorgeous young women (and they’re always young) wearing hardly anything at all! Where? On Facebook! They’re all over everybody’s favorite social media platform! And I regularly receive invitations to become ‘friends’ with these Facebook temptresses, these very young women wearing very little clothing.

Are these Facebook temptresses part


holy fudd! academia discovers that women objectify men, see us as just so much eye-candy

FOR STATING THE OBVIOUS, a recent study by two British universities analyzing images posted on TubeCrush over a period of three years is tough to top. TubeCrush is a website where people post pictures of men (“eye candy”) taken surreptitiously on the London Underground railway system. The researchers came to this astounding conclusion: “Muscles and CONTINUE READING

dow stands by the safety of insecticide which can harm the brains of fetuses

​IN MY DOTAGE, I find myself constantly (if merely mildly) consternated by the goings-on of my fellow humans. When confronted by their (possibly insecticide-inspired) shenanigans and the fact that so many appear permanently stuck in auto-destruct mode, to soothe my troubled mind I often reach for the 1979 movie Life Of Brian. If I don’t CONTINUE READING

what’s long and lean and can fly but wasn’t built by boeing?

THIS GALLERY OF PHOTOS of Southwest Airline stewardesses from the 1970s was inspired by my search for an appropriate photo for my previous post, “O My Goddess! Women Flying Without Men.” (Which actually turned up rather lean results.) I decided on doing this gallery when I came across the Pinterest page Flight AttendantCONTINUE READING

o my goddess! women flying without men

 indeed for the fairer sex is the current brouhaha over Southwest Airline’s first “unmanned” flight—that is, women flying a commercial airliner without a man in the crew, including the cockpit. I use the word ‘dubious’ in regards to this event only to bring attention to the fact that it

brass-balled rightwing babe badmouths wussy liberal hollywood actresses

THANK WHOLLY GROMMETT in Heaven that we have women like Fox News host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery! This brass-balled babe certainly put those liberal elite pampered opinionated Hollywood actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie in their place for keeping their stories about Harvey Weinstein to themselves all these years!

Ms Montgomery—who must be making CONTINUE READING