and here I thought I had a person of interest look

IT WAS NICE DAY, IF BRISK. Most folks were wear­ing sweaters or jack­ets. Not me: I was stand­ing in Half-Price Books in a black long-sleeve shirt. Look­ing idly ahead. I had stepped aside in the aisle to al­low a few cus­tomers who were en­ter­ing the store to move past me. The last cus­tomer in line was a pretty blonde. She saw me stand­ing there, un­mov­ing, unsmiling—and the lat­ter is so nor­mal for the store em­ploy­ees that I some­times think that smil­ing is rea­son for termination—that she made a nor­mal as­sump­tion. "Do you work here?" she smiled. "No," I nod­ded back. "Oh! Sorry. You look… Con­tinue Read­ing and here I thought I had a per­son of in­ter­est look

I live in an alternative reality where clinton won

IFEEL LIKE THE OLD MAN in Moon­struck. You know, at the end where every­thing is hap­pen­ing crazily around him and he puts his head in his hands on the kitchen ta­ble, ut­terly con­fused. This struck home for me when I opened an email from a friend with a link to an ar­ti­cle pub­lished ear­lier to­day in The Wash­ing­ton Post. It was queerly ti­tled "Hillary Clin­ton lost. Bernie Sanders could have won." My first thought was, "No! That's not pos­si­ble. I'm con­fused!" Then I re­al­ized the truth, even though it sounds like some­thing out of a Shel­don Cooper fan­tasy: I have slipped into an… Con­tinue Read­ing I live in an al­ter­na­tive re­al­ity where clin­ton won

phaw! on rambaldi and the unwatchable finale of "alias"

ALIAS. A super-spy/CIA ad­ven­ture se­ries for ABC that ran five sea­sons (2001−2006) and was nom­i­nated for more than sev­enty awards—al­though not a sin­gle im­por­tant nom­i­na­tion was made for the fi­nal sea­son. ALIAS made Jen­nifer Gar­ner a star, for which we should all be grate­ful. The first few sea­sons were loads of fun with good scripts, good char­ac­ters, and good act­ing. Berni and I en­joyed these shows im­mensely. If you haven't watched the se­ries, stop read­ing. If you have watched the com­plete se­ries, per­haps you un­der­stand. The fifth and fi­nal sea­son has been painful to sit through. The events in the… Con­tinue Read­ing phaw! on ram­baldi and the un­watch­able fi­nale of "alias"

a fishing expedition with a nasty dude in camelot

BE­ING A CREA­TURE OF HABIT (well, sort of) (um, not that of­ten, re­ally, but oc­ca­sion­ally), I turn first to tried and true Merriam-Webster when look­ing up de­f­i­n­i­tions for new (and some­times old) words and phrases. It's still one of the best on­line dic­tio­nary re­sources, even if I do find more ap­pro­pri­ate de­f­i­n­i­tions for my needs in other dic­tio­nar­ies. Such is the case here re­gard­ing the term "a fish­ing ex­pe­di­tion." And I trust we all know what a nasty dude is. Us­ing Merriam-Webster, I found a legalese de­f­i­n­i­tion of a fish­ing ex­pe­di­tion as "an in­quiry as by the use of dis­cov­ery… Con­tinue Read­ing a fish­ing ex­pe­di­tion with a nasty dude in camelot

young democrats learn to sit on the floor (instead of shooting people)

DUR­ING THE DE­MO­C­RA­TIC SIT-IN led by Rep­re­sen­ta­tives John Lewis (D-GA) and Kather­ine Clark (D-MA), I posted an ar­ti­cle from the BBC on Face­book with a com­ment of "Bravo  and Brava for the Do-Something Con­gress!" A com­ment from an­other per­son al­lowed me to ad­dress the is­sue of how De­moc­rats are taught from child­hood to sit on the floor to get their way in­stead of beat­ing up oth­ers or shoot­ing peo­ple. So, in an act that can eas­ily be in­ter­preted as adult petu­lance, the Rep*blican Ma­jor­ity ac­tu­ally turned off the CSPAN cam­eras that run 24-hours-a-day (if nec­es­sary) broad­cast­ing the do­ings (and the not-doings) of Con­gress to… Con­tinue Read­ing young de­moc­rats learn to sit on the floor (in­stead of shoot­ing peo­ple)

your ego is the 'i' in your identity

THE POOR Ol' EGO GETS A BUM RAP in the hands of pop psy­chol­o­gists and Zen Bud­dhists but, like, where would we be with­out it? Or, better—who would we be with­out it? It is prob­a­bly too im­por­tant in the make-up of the West­ern per­son­al­ity due to our au­thor­i­tar­ian re­li­gions and many of our philoso­phies, and it is def­i­nitely over-stimulated in our con­sumer cul­ture, but it's fun hav­ing an ego! Needles to say, for this es­say I am not delv­ing into the depths of Freudi­an­ism and the many labyrinthine en­tan­gle­ments that are pos­si­ble. For this es­say, here is a rea­son­able work­ing… Con­tinue Read­ing your ego is the 'i' in your iden­tity

mystical liberal loves long walks in the city in the rain

A LOT IS ASKED OF MYS­TI­CAL LIB­ER­ALS! The lat­est is my cat now wakes me up at four o'clock. In the morn­ing. She does this af­ter fail­ing to rouse Berni. El gato loco has fi­nally re­al­ized that noth­ing rouses Princess Berni when she's asleep (ex­cept the oc­ca­sional pea that I place be­neath her side of our double-thick fu­ton). Gadji's new rou­tine is to sit on my side of the bed and purr loudly while nudg­ing my head with her nose. 1 This means she wants break­fast. At fourayem. So up I get and break­fast I get—but first I start my day's… Con­tinue Read­ing mys­ti­cal lib­eral loves long walks in the city in the rain