what do lee harvey oswald and facebook temptresses have in common?

SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN! Gorgeous young women (and they’re always young) wearing hardly anything at all! Where? On Facebook! They’re all over everybody’s favorite social media platform! And I regularly receive invitations to become ‘friends’ with these Facebook temptresses, these very young women wearing very little clothing.

Are these Facebook temptresses part


oliver stone and clint eastwood and all those silly conspiracy theories

IN A RECENT POST on The Round Place In The Middle (“If I Tweeted“), host Nondisposablejohnny addressed a variety of issues with hypothetical tweets, including several about the 1991 movie JFK by Oliver Stone. This led me to want to address all those silly conspiracy theories out there. These non-twittered tweets worked as CONTINUE READING

anonymity empowers cowards to become bullies

I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT BULLIES several times on this site, both from personal memories and with the still escalating instances of Internet bullying often referred to as “trolling.” We are watching the seventh season of the television series CASTLE, and one of the episodes deals with both the type of bullying that I experienced fifty CONTINUE READING

harry dean stanton made clint eastwood seem downright garrulous

READING ABOUT MOVIES before the Internet, I often came across descriptions of Gary Cooper as being Hollywood’s most laconic actor. That’s not a common word, nor one that was taught in the classrooms of America in the ’60s. According to Merriam-Webster, Cooper was “using or involving the use of a minimum of words,” CONTINUE READING