the cost of going to the movies back then and right now

A WHILE AGO, I responded to a post on my Facebook thread about going the movies these days, including the price of tickets and concessions, excessive sound systems, rude viewers, etc. I am now a senior, so the price of tickets seem too high, and I haven’t shelled out a cent for obscenely overpriced candy, CONTINUE READING

harry dean stanton made clint eastwood seem downright garrulous

READING ABOUT MOVIES before the Internet, I often came across descriptions of Gary Cooper as being Hollywood’s most laconic actor. That’s not a common word, nor one that was taught in the classrooms of America in the ’60s. According to Merriam-Webster, Cooper was “using or involving the use of a minimum of words,” CONTINUE READING

is “auto focus” an out-of-focus half-assed piece of garbage?

IT’S NOT OFTEN that I am moved to write a piece about a movie based on a review of the movie instead of the movie itself. But last night I watched Auto Focus with Greg Kinnear playing actor Bob Crane. I knew very little about Crane’s life, except that he was the star of Hogan’s


where were the hoary hosts of hoggoth? (a review of “dr. strange” the movie)

I FINALLY SAW IT—Dr. Strange, the movie. I say “finally” as I am one of the dying breed of guys who bought and collected Marvel comic books in the ’60s as the magic was happening. (And by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, face facts: it was almost exclusively guys who read superhero comics at CONTINUE READING

we are each of us a fading gigolo or fading gigolette

BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO opened its first stores in the 1980s, renting movies as both Beta and VHS cassette tapes. Standard procedure then was to remove the cassette from the original cardboard box and insert the tape into a black plastic box.

It’s a story about how people deal with loneliness. Of course, you’d have to


phaw! on rambaldi and the deplorable finale of “alias”

ALIAS was a super-spy/CIA adventure series for ABC that ran five seasons (2001-2006) and was nominated for more than seventy awards—although not a single important nomination was made for the final season. Alias made Jennifer Garner a star, for which we should all be grateful. The first few seasons were loads of fun with CONTINUE READING

sometimes “alias” ain’t no alias at all

I LOGGED INTO my library account and in the Search field typed “alias.” I wanted to place a hold on the fourth and fifth seasons of the ABC television series Alias from earlier in this century, starring Jennifer Garner. Aside from the five DVDs for the series and perhaps a few books about the CONTINUE READING

laughing with alan watts and the wild hogs

WHO RECOMMENDED “WILD HOGS”? This furshlugginer film is poorly conceived and predictably pointless! It’s a biker-comedy (?) with an impressive if motley cast. There are four male leads, two roles filled by a couple of serious actors that I enjoy seeing in just about anything. Unfortunately, a pair of supposedly funny actors that I rarely CONTINUE READING

on being eminently beddable (my crush on marisa tomei)

FOLLOWING MY POST on being bullied for merely being believed to be gay in high school with a nice bit of musing on attractive women seemed appropriate to reaffirm my status as a heterosexual of manly man. So, here I introduce the term Eminently Beddable (EB) and explain its origins and then very briefly discuss CONTINUE READING

why mariel hemingway’s new revelation about woody allen doesn’t matter

“WOODY ALLEN IS A PREDATOR.Or so screams out from the Salon website posted on March 26, 2015. The sub-title is “Why Mariel Hemingway’s new revelation matters,” and it is meant to grab my attention—and it has. It also send chills up my spine and should yours also, whether you’re in the “I CONTINUE READING

what’s with all the different dvd packaging? (make up your minds already)

WHAT’S WITH THE DVD PACKAGING? A simple question, right? Why so many different boxes jackets sleeves whatever? Why no uniformity or user friendliness? And I don’t even want to start on the way DVDs begin: the various way-too-clever manners in which bored techs find to align the chapters or choices in the opening minutes CONTINUE READING

irony in casting a movie has been known to tinkle my funny keys

LAST NIGHT we watched Lee Daniels’ The Butler. It is based on the life of Eugene Allen, a butler in the White House for decades, where butlers are historically black. It stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines, who witnesses the changing of the guard in the Oval Office through thirty-four years of service.