entangled in a symphony of brightness

Hamza BlackHole


En­tan­gled in a sym­phony of bright­ness
the uni­verse is
the wisdom of the me­chanics of mir­a­cles

the uni­verse is
eternal still­ness = spir­i­tual human ob­ser­va­tion

the uni­verse is
the un­ex­plain­able (who which that) in­spires sub­jec­tive self-knowledge

the uni­verse is
the fu­ture :  il­lu­mi­na­tions, de­scrip­tions of po­ten­tiality

                      evo­lu­tion, the ground of im­mortal ac­tions
                      ex­is­tence, the heart of sub-empirical bliss

The in­vis­ible reg­u­lates karmic ex­ternal re­ality,
your heart is a modality of bound­less pho­tons,
and imag­i­na­tion is re­born in un­par­al­leled suc­cess. READ MORE