why do we count people who never vote as voters?

A LOCAL COUNTRY CLUB gives you a free lifetime membership with full access to its gorgeous 18-hole golf course. Nice, right? But what if you have never hit a golf ball outside of a miniature golf course. What if you have absolutely no interest in ever playing golf—how much would such a gift count to you and would you count as a genuine golfer? 

our world is choking on plastic (demand corporations do their part to end it)

AN ARTICLE TITLEDMore plastic than fish in the sea by 2050” draws attention to a new Ellen MacArthur Foundation report on plastics and the oceans of our world. Greenpeace constructed their consciousness-raising quote for their current “Demand big corporations do their part to end plastic pollution” petition (in bold grey print below) from this report.

Facts in the MacArthur report regarding CONTINUE READING

that number has been greatly exaggerated by the rightwing (of course)

WE ARE SO USED to massive government spending that $678,000,000 is a relatively small number. Way too much to spend for a malfunctioning website, for sure, but still small in the scheme of government spending. Until you look at it this way.” That number has been greatly exaggerated by the rightwing—of course. 1

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dow stands by the safety of insecticide which can harm the brains of fetuses

​IN MY DOTAGE, I find myself constantly (if merely mildly) consternated by the goings-on of my fellow humans. When confronted by their (possibly insecticide-inspired) shenanigans and the fact that so many appear permanently stuck in auto-destruct mode, to soothe my troubled mind I often reach for the 1979 movie Life Of Brian. If I don’t have time for a full viewing, I skip to the final CONTINUE READING

get ready, antifa-sters, ’cause the boogeyman is comin’ to getcha

TRIED-AND-TRUE TACTICS of the mainstream media in ‘reporting the news’ so that it fits the ‘party line’ include false equivalency, ‘balanced’ reporting, and selecting evidence that supports an official position are busy as you read this! In fact, the corporate media is “busy creating a left-wing ‘threat’ to balance out the awful, racist, rightwing hordes who threaten civil society” against the antifa-sters! 1

“We have


telling the truth usually requires facts





And telling the truth usually requires facts. Anyone telling you otherwise is either very, very stupid—or is trying to get something from you that you really, really don’t want to give up.


Cartoon by Nate Beeler of The Columbus dispatch.

The following is the entire guest editorial “Truth, Lies and Numbness” by Roger Cohen for the Opinion Pages of CONTINUE READING

shouldn’t we be calling the sessions-kislyak affair “sessionsgate” by now?

WE ARE NOW deep into an affair that should have been termed either Sessionsgate or Ambassadorgate by our mainstream media. Ever clever with such trite coinages when a Democrat is involved, Attorney General Sessions and President Trump have somehow avoided having their transgression rendered in a manner that suggest the felonies of the Nixon administration of 1972-1973.

I did not have sexual relations with that


definitely “politically correct” (a third take on journalism taking on authority)

TO TELL THE TRUTH IN THE FACE OF LIES is the job of all journalists, with lies being, you know, those alternative fact thingies that are all the rage these days. Or at least that’s what Lewis Wallace states in an editorial call-to-arms that he had posted on his personal blog. There he addressed objectivity, calling a lie a lie instead of an alternative

definitely not “first but wrong” (another take on journalism taking on authority)

DESPITE DONALD TRUMP receiving more attention from the media than all his fellow Rep*blican competitors for the nomination combined, he has another take on it: that same media is out to get him! While some of that attention was indeed negative, most of the attention was reasonably positive. In fact, it appeared at times as if the media was downright fawning!


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