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DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS for Neal Umphred Dot Com? Any additions? Corrections? Well goodgollymissmolly, don’t keep them to yourself! It’s not doing anyone any good. Contact me. You know, send them to me and maybe I can put them to good use.

Just go on over to your personal email account (,,, etc.) and send them to me.

Address the email to: 

If your suggestion, addition, or correction refers to a particular post here on Neal Umphred Dot Com, please note the article by title somewhere in your email. 1

For general responses to a particular article, please use the Comment Section at the end of each post for most of the things you want to say. This includes suggestions, corrections, additions, and even good vibrations and excitations! 2

This form of contact is intended for issues that are either somehow personal or you are sharing information that you do NOT want in general circulation. 3

Thanks in advance,

Neal 4

PS: For better or worse, I respond to all emails . . .


1   Please include the full title of my article somewhere in the text of your email.

2   Argumentations are okay, too. I like to argue.

3   You know, like maybe we were lovers in previous lives and you want to connect in this one for old times sake. As Judy Tenuta would say, “It could happen . . .”

4   That’s my name in Wingdingese: [skull and crossbones] + Scorpio + Cancer + [black hole] = Neal


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