that damed liberal media (DLM) doesn’t strike again

An article for the Daily Kos titled “National Media Blackout Of Saturday’s Huge Moral March In Raleigh” by davej (February 10, 2014) reported on a crowd in excess 80,000 showed up to protest Republican policies in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“But you wouldn’t know it if you live outside the area. Saturday’s big march, organized by the North Carolina NAACP along with more than 160 partner organizations, was called the Historic Thousands on Jones Street People’s Coalition.There were few reports in any national news outlets. (USAToday did carry a report saying there was ‘a crowd of between 80,000 and 100,000 people.’)”

Davej quotes a piece titled “Charlotte-area residents join thousands to take to the streets of Raleigh for massive marchfrom The Charlotte Observer:

Demonstrations called Moral Mondays began last spring in Raleigh in response to legislation passed by the Republican-led General Assembly. The protests are designed to keep a spotlight on what organizers view as regressive policies, particularly on Medicaid, unemployment benefits, abortion, voting and education.”

Thank Grommet for a free, liberal media that has the ability to ignore large news events that favor their own left-leaning inclinations . . .

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