what the damn dems are doing that pleases me and what they ain’t

Received this article among my daily mailings of liberal/progressive newsletters: “Democrats Methodically Stripping Republicans Of Immigration Excuses.” The description of the piece:

Throughout the immigration debate, Republicans have run phony excuses for delay, Democrats keep stripping them away, and the process keeps moving forward. The only question is: How many more excuses do Republicans have to cycle through before this kabuki dance ends?”

I hope to Wholly Grommet that the “only question” is meant to be rhetorical, because of these folks don’t know the answer yet, I am not certain that I need their newsletter.

ALL MEANINGLESS!!! Here is what I want to read in my email: “Democrats Unilaterally Strip Republicans Of Filibuster.” Until then, I am as tired of the Dems’ “kabuki dance” as I have been of the Republicans’ for a long long time . . .

Comments and arguments welcome!