what weren’t the democrats thinking about?

DEBACLE DAY should be the name of Election Day 2014 for the Democrat Party. I mean, what weren’t the democrats thinking about? After the election, I received these figures from a newsletter from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

They deal with five indicators of the state of our union at the time that Obama took office (January 2009) and today (November 2014). The numbers are easily understood: they form the basis for a strong, impressive argument for just how good a job that Obama and his fellow Democrats have done since the debacle (nice word, nyet?) of the Bush administration that was driving this country into the ground.

So, why didn’t the idjit Democrats run LOUDLY on just these five statements?

Any question from any source to any Democratic candidate should have led back to the candidate bragging on these five points!


Of course, to have all the Democratic candidates running for office on the same page at the same time would have required Rep*blican-like organizational instincts and skills, something laughably lacking in both Democratic candidates and party leaders.

Ho hum and what weren’t the Democrats thinking about?

“I am not a member of any organized political party—I am a Democrat!” (Will Rogers)


6 Replies to “what weren’t the democrats thinking about?”

  1. Amen! Dems did a poor job. Should have had their “talking points” set. But as usual, fellow dems were too preoccupied with their own particular re-election (read: distance self from OBama).

  2. HERB Yup, every Dem running should have been seen and photographed with his arms around Obama and Biden and bragging about those five points above. But there are other problems with perception that Dems have and I am going to post a brief piece about my own encounter with that issue. NEAL

  3. Thanks for quoting my mentor in politics, Will Rogers. He, and Mark Twain, plus Robert Heinlein are the triumvirate upon whom I base my understanding of modern democracy. Notice the small m and d!

    I jus’ wish ’em Rep*blicans don’t see it comin’. Because yaknow, “us southerners has our ways.” To probably misquote another hero.

  4. Oh, oh, oh… I’m sorry it took a few daze, and a phone call to reply, but I’m getting round to the neighborhood.
    Those five talking points leave an empty chamber in the magazine! More than enough to prevent any dem from blowing their own foot off while getting on stage.
    Next stop, Lordsburg!

    1. The Dems in this country play the game so laxly compared to their opponents that it can stand as proof to our cynical, non-voting brethren’s arguments that it’s all a fixed game and there is not point to casting a ballot. Not that iI am one of them, mind you—I am a serial voter!

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