entangled in a symphony of brightness


Entangled in a symphony of brightness
the universe is
the wisdom of the mechanics of miracles

the universe is
eternal stillness = spiritual human observation

the universe is
the unexplainable (who which that) inspires subjective self-knowledge

the universe is
the future :  illuminations, descriptions of potentiality

                      evolution, the ground of immortal actions
                      existence, the heart of sub-empirical bliss

The invisible regulates karmic external reality,
your heart is a modality of boundless photons,
and imagination is reborn in unparalleled success.

knowledge is entangled in a symphony of
brightness (as) the web of life imparts reality
to progressive expansion of positivity
(while) the cosmos differentiates
into an expression of choices

Transcendence arises and subsides in precious silence.

 arises and subsides
 in precious silence)

is . . .

The web of life
results from ephemeral

The secret of the universe
is mirrored
in humble positivity.

Eternal stillness regulates universal knowledge,
(while) perceptual reality is inside visible balance.

information influences spiritual energy

true identity is the continuity of
descriptions of
space time events

Hidden meaning is inherent in dimensionless joy,
wholeness nurtures new observations;
non-judgment undertakes subtle boundaries.

Knowledge (still) self interacts
with infinite (yet) abstract beauty.

Emotional intelligence
quiets (still) great reality
with infinite (yet) abstract beauty.

The physical world is
(yet) a modality of (still)
intrinsic external reality.

is . . .


FEATURED IMAGE: This piece of fractal art of a hypothetical black hole was done by Hamza Riadh. “Ever wondered what black holes looks like! Main fractal generated in Apophysis, post processed in Ps with a background from NASA.” I don’t know what it means either, but Mr Riadh hopes you do!