everybodys rights are everybodys business!

I just signed another BHL (“bleeding heart liberal”) petition—a gay teacher getting fired from a Catholic school for marrying his partner—and added a personal statement to the body of the general petition.

I said, “Everybodys rights are everybodys business!” (Yeah yeah yeah the apostrophes are missing but it’s more effective on the ‘Net this way . . .)

So, did I just coin a new slogan for the ‘new left’ of the new century? Or is it old hat or, worse, too vague and easily co-opted by the THEYs (as in “They did it”) of the world?

Remember Reagan co-opting Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The USA”—never knowing the song was a complaint about injustice in America? It should be funny—ironical even!—but it’s not because it worked for Reagan and his followers who love a good, catchy slogan but apparently never look past those few repeatable words for content and context . . .

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