governor scott walker as the face of republicanism today

GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER as the face of Republicanism today: “Today is a huge day in Wisconsin’s governor’s race; progressives from all across the country are joining together in a Cheddarbomb to support Mary Burke’s campaign to defeat Scott Walker. This is now even more important since it’s our first chance to respond to new revelations of Walker’s increasingly overt corruption:

Corporate dark-money group Wisconsin Club for Growth didn’t just support Walker’s campaign—it effectively functioned as part of his campaign, with a Walker aide advising him to tell donors he could accept unlimited, undisclosed, corporate contributions for his campaign if the contributions went to Club for Growth.

On Sunday, news broke that Scott Walker’s administration agreed to give a $6,000,000 [six million] tax break to a corporation [Ashley Furniture] that may lay off nearly 2,000 Wisconsin workers. And less than a month later, the owners of that corporation gave Walker’s campaign $20,000.”

The paragraphs quoted above are from a newsletter emailed by Progressives United this morning and reprinted here to call attention to soooooo many things that have gone and are going due to laws passed by Republicans and rules passed by Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices.

Oh, and just how easily and cheapily (sic) people like Governor Walker can be bribed!

Or is it bought?


Well, you know . . .


Face of Republicanism: Cartoon of Governor Scott Walker by Phil Hands for the Wisconsin Sate Journal.

Cartoon by Phil Hands for the Wisconsin State Journal.

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