for what its worth – buffalo springfield’s first album is better than you think

ONE OF MY FAVERAVE GROUPS OF THE ’60s is Buffalo Springfield! Whereas the majority of fans and critics would choose their second album, BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD AGAIN, as their best album—and that’s because it is their best, and by a long shot!—nonetheless, the one that reaches me the deepest is their first album, BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD.

So, for what its worth: Buffalo Springfield’s first album is better than you think!

And, alas, the entry in Wikipedia for this album is a glaring example of old-style Wikignorance. Whoever made the entry—and it’s far too brief for an album by such an important, influential group—is rather clueless about the record’s history. 

This entry on Buffalo Springfield has been moved from this website to my new website, Rather Rare Records ( It has been slightly edited, slightly rewritten, and slightly expanded. I have also changed the piece’s title to “for what it’s worth, ‘buffalo springfield’ is a better album than you think.

2 thoughts on “for what its worth – buffalo springfield’s first album is better than you think

  1. I’m not a huge Springfield fan, but I think all three albums (including the much maligned “Last Time Around”) are full of brilliant bits of music. That being said, I’ve always found the first album to be the most accessible and the one I tend to listen to the most.

    I absolutely cannot STAND “For What It’s Worth” any more due to mass over exposure, but the rest of the album (despite a couple of filler type tracks) is just wonderful.

    1. I am not certain that “maligned” is a term for the last album, LAST TIME AROUND–disappointing, yes, but still a fine record. Had it been, say, Poco’s first album, it would probably enjoy a much better rep, as it wouldn’t have those first two for comparison.

      As for “For What It’s Worth,”–that is one of those records that act as a time machine for me: hearing it transports me back to 1967. It’s not nostalgia or the normal memory lane feeling, but like it IS the ’60s for me. Other records that have this effect are “Look Though Any Window,” “Five O’ Clock World,” “Going To A-Go-Go,” “Summer Rain,” “California Dreaming,” and of all the Beatles records forever linked to that time, it’s Ringo singing “Boys” that does the time travel bit for me. (There are others; I just wanted to give you a sampling.)

      Thanks for your second appearance here on my blog; keep the comments comin’ on!

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