hey! you! get off of my arm!

MY CAT, GADJI, has been discovering the many and varied places that she can lie down in her new house, which we moved into on the first of June. Recently she found a new place that is apparently better than being atop the pile of boxes in Berni’s studio, or in the smooth bottom of the bath tub in the unused master bathroom (unused because we prefer the shower in the secondary bathroom), or the warmth of an unmade bed

Where o where can that be? On my desk, flopped down on whatever hard copy I have next to my keyboard. Once there,  reaches over and places her right paw on my left forearm, and then lies her head down on my left hand.

Hey! You! Get offa my cloud! Don’t hang around ’cause two’s a crowd on my cloud.

Irresistible, right?

Which is where she is now. How, then, am I typing? As a two-fingered typist, losing one finger does not cripple my ‘skills’—it only slows me down.

Gadji Beri Booboo (already famous with both of my regular readers via a previous post) seemed content when she first tried out this new method of reclining last week.

Or so I thought.

I have since learned that it is a ruse; even her looking up at me with those big pussycat eyes that seem to be adoring me but could merely be measuring me is part of the sham. She has taken command of this post because it is easier to slither down into the spot she really wants —the warmed seat of my fake leather office chair!

(Of course, since I gave up oat meal it’s not as warmed-up as it used to be . . .)

Should I get up to make a cup of coffee, answer the phone, stretch my legs when I get back she has commandeered my chair. I brought her in her own chair—a nice collapsible chair with a pocket for a seat and I even placed one of her favorite pillows on it, but nooooooooooooooo, that is NOT the spot she covets.

Right now she has assumed her sphinx-like position and my left arm and hand are free so I am heading back to typing today’s real post about Dan Ariely and the joys of irrational thinking but . . .



Get off of my arm!

Of course my title is a nod to the Rolling Stones! And there is no better way to enjoy that recording than to watch this video . . .



HEADER IMAGE: As the Rolling Stones official photographer, Gered “Gerald” Mankowitz took some of the most stunning images in rock and roll’s sixty year history. This gorgeous black and white photo that graces t top of this page was hot in 1965 and was used as the cover for the group’s OUT OF OUR HEADS album in Europe and the DECEMBER’S CHILDREN album in the US. It was also used for picture sleeves and EP covers for Get Off Of My Cloud in several European countries.