home-grown is the way it should be (amen!)

THE TEASER USED TO LURE READERS to William Rivers Pitt’s thoughtful editorial on legalized and home-grown pot titled “Homegrown” is a pair of questions:“What is more caustic to this society: marijuana or thousands upon thousands of people consigned to the tender mercies of the penal system? Marijuana or thousands of people suffering and dying in needless and preventable pain?” 

Pitt’s piece an is the polar opposite of New York Times columnist David Brooks’ recent memoir/warning regarding marijuana. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Pitt that is not being mentioned in the corporate media:

“Colorado and Washington State have already slapped aside the failed notions of Prohibition that have been dead for a century to fully legalize a substance so infinitely less lethal than tobacco and alcohol that it scarcely bears mention.

Alaska, Oregon, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana and Nevada are soon to follow, and the push is on in Delaware, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maryland, Rhode Island and Vermont to follow suit.

If successful, that represents nearly a third of the country, and one hell of a diverse cross-section, as well . . . and, if successful, the real work can begin: freeing those in prison convicted of crimes that are not crimes any more, and should never have been crimes to begin with.”

If you haven’t’ read Brooks’ memoir/warning, then follow these directions: first, please read “Weed: Been There. Done That“; then read my post “david brooks, conservatives, and marijuana”; and finally, make sure that you read the brilliant rewrite of Brooks’ piece by Al Fish in the Comments section following my post!


A final thought by one of the 20th century’s more prominent smokedopers, Neil Young: “Home-grown is the way it should be.” The photo above is of Mr Young’s majestically stoned reading of his own Helpless from the 1976 documentary The Last Waltz.

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