the adventures of huck and tom in the 113th congress

So far in 2013, the House of Representatives has worked for just 87 days, but Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) just called for a five-week recess! So far, this 113th Congress is the most unproductive in history. In the first 212 days, just 22 bills have passed Congress and sent to the President.

This is worse than the famous “Do-Nothing Congress.” That was the 80th Congress—again featuring the hijinks of a Republican majority—that opposed many of the bills passed under FDR and were determined to stop President Truman from getting more of the same accomplished.

Now, get this: Speaker Boehner just called for a five-week recess and skipped town to go golfing with Donald Trump. And I couldn’t be happier: for five weeks there will be no sequestration, no new votes to overturn “Obamacare,” no new threats to shut the government down, etc.

If only Donnie could convince Johnny to run away with him like Huck and Tom and fish their lives away and then we could have “the adventures of huck and tom in the 113th congress” . . .

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