and here I thought I had a person of interest look

IT WAS NICE DAY, if a bit brisk. Most folks were wearing sweaters or jackets. Not me: I was standing in Half-Price Books in a black long-sleeve shirt. Looking idly ahead. I had stepped aside in the aisle to allow a few customers who were entering the store to move past me.

The last customer in line was a pretty blonde. She saw me standing there, unmoving, unsmiling—and the latter is so normal for the store employees that I sometimes think that smiling is reason for termination—that she made a normal assumption.

“Do you work here?” she smiled.

“No,” I nodded back.

“Oh! Sorry. You look like you do,” she said.

I gave her my best John Reece/Jim Caviezel look and sotto voce and oh-so-cooly replied, “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “You have that used-book look.”

 Jim Caviezel as John Reece in the CBS television series PERSON OF INTEREST.

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is actor Jim Caviezel as John Reece in a CBS television series we just binge-watched our way through. In the show’s first season, Caviezel played Reece in a rather stiff Clint Eastwoodian manner that made the prospect of more seasons seem dire. But he picked up the second season, adding just enough humor and warmth to make his almost monotone character more engaging. The remaining four season were a fun roller-coaster ride.