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Why after all these years have the people who “design” DVDs for television series not arrived at a reasonable set of rules for the options we viewers get when we click on EPISODES. Sometimes you go to START or whatever (they can’t agree on that), and it will say EPISODES, and you click on that, and then there are 3-4 epeidoes to choose. So you


I think the people who hevent’t reached an accord on these things are the grandchildren of the engineers who were hired to design the higways on the West Coast.



Jaygee sez, “What we need is a font just for irony and another just for sarcasm.”

To which I say, “Too Shea!” (Hey, I’m Irish.)

Alas, having said fonts would still not make certain that certain people got irony, although I think most of us get sarcasm.

That’s one of the BIG differences between the two: some of us see sarcasm where it’s not, while others of us can’t see irony even when it’s holding up signs announcing itself . . .


William Strunk Jr’s original edition of The Elements Of Style (1919) was all of fifty-three pages long. In 1959, it was revised and expanded by one of his students, the famous children’s book author E.B. White. It is one of the best selling and most influential grammar and punctuation books ever published. I have used the authors’ names for one of the categories of this site: Strunkandwhiten It! For more information, refer to “On William Strunk and Elements of Style.”

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