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“NO!” TO TV: In 1969, something happened that so traumatized me that I vowed never to have commercial television in a house or apartment of my own. And I haven’t and I am now in my forty-fourth year without having access to contemporary television in a single one of MY places!

Berni and I do have a television set (a plain, good ol’ 32-inch screen); we do not have that television set hooked up to any cable service or pay channel. As we live below a hill next to a greenbelt of evergreen trees 100-feet tall, we don’t even receive signals from most of the local stations. So, Berni and I don’t “watch tv.”

We do watch a lot of movies. I like most genres—including chickflicks (Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams are faves)—and have learned to like Christmas movies, even some of Hallmark-like affairs. Bern can watch most films that are not excessively violent. She has also learned that sports-based movies can be quite interesting, including the sports aspects,

We also take recommendations concerning the many excellent series that have appeared on commercial television. We just finished Weeds, The Big C, and are making our way through the complete Seinfeld.

We need to catch up on The Big Bang Theory and my daughter Ananda just recommended Bones and I placed a hold on the first season at the library.

“YES!” TO LIBRARIES: We are fortunate here in King County, Washington, to have one of the nation’s best library systems, so we get almost all of our movies from the library at no cost.

We love Firefly (and we were able to borrow the complete fourteen episodes from Berni’s son Steven) and Six Feet Under (loved the whole cast but especially Lauren Ambrose as the daughter) and Lost (at least the first few years)and Life On Mars (until we see the British version, we are stuck raving about the American version). If you want to suggest any series of the past few years to us, do so in the Comments section below. Please . . .

Finally, you may find yourself wanting to know just what was the event that so traumatized me and led me to swear off commercially broadcasted television. Duh, they cancelled Star Trek, of course . . .

Comments, suggestions, additions, and arguments welcome!