mootly scanning the internet for troll alternates

I HAVE ADDRESSED the issue of “internet trolls” in separate articles several times; give this one a read if the topic interests you: “Too Many Immoral People Are Trolling More Effectively Than Ever Before.” It’s the last one I wrote and probably the last one I will write. The word ‘troll’ has joined others such as ‘scan,’ ‘moot’ (try to figure out how to mootly scan something) and ‘alternate’ that are now so misused by so many people—including writers on the Internet—I really don’t know what most writers mean when they use the term.

A troll can spew more incendiary comments than are possible to expose as fast as they are spouted.

It’s become so diluted that people refer to anyone who disagrees with them in a less than polite manner as a troll. Sigh—just a short time ago it carried weight, had meaning.

The same people are out there, maliciously hounding others, making social media and even blogs on the Internet inhospitable to their targets. They still seem to be overwhelmingly racist, misogynist, homophobic white males, so those targets tend to be women and minorities.

Too many immoral people with dangerous ideas are using trolling more effectively than ever before. And a dedicated troll can spew more incendiary comments than are possible to expose as fast and effectively as they are spouted.

Oh well, as an alternate to bitching and moaning—something I have gotten good at in my old age—I’ll stop here, chalk it all up as a moot something or other, and go casually scan the Internet for alternates to troll or maybe something about pyroclastic clouds . . .

Trolls can spew more incendiary comments than are possible to quickly expose as lies. Click To Tweet

Mootly Scanning: photo of pyroclastic cloud from 1991 eruption of Mt Pinatuba.

FEATURED IMAGE: Massive ash clouds with a cauliflower-look make up the pyroclastic cloud that smothered the landscape during the Mt Pinatubo eruption in 1991. The image at the top of this page was darkened to make the white letters of the title more readable. (Photo courtesy by Albert Garcia.)