morrie schwartz and the little wave

Berni and I watch a lot of movies—no television! Ever! Not only don’t we NOT have cable, our set isn’t even set up to pick up local stations. (We are in somewhat of a blank zone regarding reception—and we could not care less.) Oh, we will pick up a highly recommended tv series on dvd and see the first season over the course of several days. If we like, we get the next season, and so on.

A few shows, old and new, that we like

We have recently enjoyed Ally McBeal (keep in mind that no matter their age, these shows are ‘new’ to us), Six Feet Under, Weeds (great balls of fire but Mary-Louise Parker gets more lovely as she ages), The Big Bang Theory (still in progress), The Big C, and Third Rock From The Sun (which tends towards the tedious).

We are currently watching the third season of the complete Seinfeld. Does anyone NOT from the East Coast (the “East Coast” being those states from Maryland through Maine) understand the motivation of these people and the ‘in’ humor? It’s kinda like trying to find a Woody Allen fan who was born outside of that same East Coast . . .

A few new shows that we couldn’t sit through

We attempted both Dexter—whose subject matter turned Berni off, despite its starring Michael C. Hall, who we enjoyed immensely in Six Feet Under—and Breaking Bad, which turned me off because I hate meth and anything that could cause anyone to show an interest in its ‘benefits’ (sic).

I did like the premise of the show, the irony of the teacher’s motivation, and the fine performances, but I have had my experiences with meth and speed freaks and I simply wasn’t comfortable watching the show . . .

A few television series that we own

We own the complete Northern Exposure (as Berni lived in Alaska for fifteen years, this lovely show—worth watching if only for Chris-in-the-morning and Marilyn Whirlwind, not the show’s primary stars—will probably always be her personal fave), the initially great Lost (which got lost in the final seasons), and my current ‘all-time’ favorite, Firefly (and its coda, the movie Serenity). But otherwise, we are content to pull our viewing material out of the library.

Washington’s King County Library System is usually judged one of the finest in the country. The Redmond branch is a fairly modern building, recently given new carpets and a little touch-up. It has a fabulous, personable, and knowledgeable staff with whom we swap book and movie recommendations.

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2 Replies to “morrie schwartz and the little wave”

  1. Bravo! More reviews please. This was most entertaining and motivating. Pam and I went without TV for the last eight years in Key West. We did the same as you guys. Netflix, library $1 garage sale DVDs, etc. Your story of Morrie is excellent. I will try and see it while we are on the road. Also, one of my all time favorites is Being There. Perhaps it is because, when it comes to DVD movies, I LIKE TO WATCH ! ! !

    1. I was a Jerzy Kosinski nut for his first half dozen novels (which he may not have actually written, but that’s another story). The novel BEING THERE is actually a bit of a diatribe against the effects of too much television viewing on a NORMAL human being and is not as “gentle” as the movie. But it probably would not have worked in its original incarnation, so Kosinski rewrote it for the screenplay. The story of how Sellers got the legendarily anti-Hollywood author to turn BEING THERE into a movie is delightful!

      Other recent viewings that both B and I recommend highly include THE INTOUCHABLES (French with subtitles only), THE SOLOIST (Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey), THE CAVEMAN’S VALENTINE (Samuel L. Jackson), DJANGO UNLEASHED (Jamie Foxx again but the supporting cast steals most of the scenes), HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Holly Hunter among other fine players), and the ever-watcahable HOME ALONE.

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