is this the most valuable picture sleeve in the world?

On August 30, 1968, London Records pulled Street Fighting Man from the Rolling Stones’ recently released BEGGARS BANQUET album and issued it as the group’s follow-up single to Jumpin’ Jack Flash. London Records had ordered a run of picture sleeves for the single, which was the norm for any American record by the Rolling Stones.


The norm was usually a posed photo of the group, but for Street Fighting Man / No Expectations, someone in London’s graphics department opted for another kind of image all together.

The Stones’ picture sleeve used two images depicting police brutality taken from one of the many riots that had broken out in over one hundred U.S. cities that year. The record company deemed the sleeve to be inappropriate and it was immediately withdrawn.

All sleeves were ordered destroyed!

Nonetheless, a few copies of the picture sleeve for did escape the shredder (probably by alert if sticky-fingered London employees) and they are among the most collectable and valuable picture sleeves in the business.

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