new york to allow medical marijuana?

ACCORDING TO THE FOLKS over there at CBSNews, “New York would become the 21st state to allow medical use of marijuana under an initiative Gov. Andrew Cuomo will unveil this week. Cuomo plans to use administrative powers rather than legislative action to allow a limited number of hospitals to dispense marijuana for certain ailments. He will formally announce his plans in his state of the state speech Wednesday.”

Oh goody, I can’t wait to read David Brooks’ opinion-piece on this development. (Refer to my previous post, “david brooks conservatives marijuana.”) For the sake of consistency, he will have to take the government—and its Democratic governor, naturlich—to task for encouraging the “lesser pleasures.”

And, since we all know that New Yorkers are so much more susceptible to taking a walk on the wild side, perhaps he will predict that one in four residents of the Big Apple will become addicted to marijuana in the next few years.

Uh oh! Am I resorting to sarcasm here?



FEATURED IMAGE: Y’all know what this is a photo of. I swore off the stuff, but it does have a tendency to come out at the oddest of times. (Refer to my piece “the transmogrification of free will into jukin’ bone“on my other site,, for a bit of self-deprecation of my former condescending self.)




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