under obamacare if you refuse to take a prescribed medication you will be fined (?!!?)

I just saw this poster on another person’s Facebook page that reads “Under Obamacare, if you refuse to take a prescribed medication, you will be fined” and of course there were posts from readers wanting to know if this was true (“Say it ain’t so Joe!”) and needless to say I just HAD to have my say so I wrote “Oh, yeah this is true what do you think the Death Panels were REALLY for?” and then I realized that if there were people who believed the that they would be fined for NOT taking drugs and they had to ask questions about it then they were not likely to get irony in any form and I would be scaring them unnecessarily AND MAYBE THE WHOLE DEATH PANELS ISSUE WOULD BE REIGNITED!!! and it would all be my fault for having a dry sense of humor that is lost on most Americans and for not listening to the Burn who said just the other night “Honey there is NO place for subtlety on the internet” so of course and needless to say I deleted the damn funny (funny damn?) message before I even posted it and thank Wholly Grommet now I can sleep tonight . . .

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