on being misinformed and yet always being “right”

THIS ONE’S EASY-PEASY: I don’t actually have to pick a topic, do hours of research, ratiocinate my way through the data, and then spend hours writing and rewriting all, and then more hours poring over photos for illustrations! I don’t really even have to much writing with this one. 1

Hell’s Belles, little darling, every librull I know is sympathetic with the issues of the Tea Party. We just can’t figure out why they can’t figure out who the real bad guys are! Then we read their signs.

All I really have to do here on this piece about being willingly misinformed is to type out a few opening paragraphs and then copy and paste some photos from someone else’s website! 2

And I get to list this piece under two categories that don’t usually share much on my site! The first is “Neal’s Rants (Really Political),” because I am of course making huge fun of the extremities of the current rightwing craze in these here United States.

The second is the “Strunkandwhiten It, category” because each photo below—unposed and reflecting the “thought process” of the sign-maker—is a grammatical faux pas worthy of a chuckle or three.

These people decided that they were going to join a crowd and make a public statement of their beliefs. Each then purchased or found the necessary piece of cardboard, writing tool, stick, staple-gun, etc., and placed their thoughts onto this piece of handcrafted media.

These pictures were all taken at Tea Party events, which are cool and an admirable public exercise of the First Amendment. But the Tea Partiers are a political movement of the right, of which I am not a member in good standing. 

Nonetheless, I sympathize with the stated plights of many of these people. Their concern for the welfare of their children and their parents and themselves is genuine and nothing to be taken lightly.



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We have a missing apostrophe, an unnecessary apostrophe, and three misspelled words. I had better photos, but I selected those where no one was easily identified. Even a few of the ones I have posted here have been heavily cropped to eliminate anyone’s recognizable face. That said, many of the photos with the most outlandish grammatical boners had the person holding the boner very conscious of the fact that his or her photo was being taken.

Da Dems didn’t do dat!

The problem is their focus: Obama and the Dems did not give way their jobs, did not raise college tuitions, did not create a health care system where many have to wait until it’s too late and then make a trip to the ER.

When you combine these people and their dumb spelling errors with those Tea Partiers with signs confusing issues (blaming Obama and Dems for bills passed by Rep*blicans) and outright fabrications (Obama as Kenyan Muslim Marxist), it does not make the Tea Party movement look good to non-members.

The images that you are about to view are graphic displays of abuse of the written language. In the text that accompanies them, you will find no outright condemnation of any group of people. What you will find is amazement at how this happens.

In this mix there are also gun ‘enthusiasts’ implying imminent violence (“We’re unarmed this time”) and the staggering amount of racism, bigotry, and homophobia.

Based on these signs (and unfortunately, many of the recorded interviews that these folk give to journalists), you end up with a group of people who should not only not be allowed to vote, they should perhaps not be allowed to leave their houses without adult supervision!

Most of their problems are created by modern corporate capitalism and these issues are not going away.

Things are going to get worse. 3

Just a few years ago, we could say that the GOP was the party bought and paid for by the rich and corporations. That the Dems were the party of the working class. Due to various changes since then (Citizens United being the most prominent), it will be nigh on impossible for any candidate from any party to run for any national position without selling at least a portion of their soul to the Devil incarnated, be he/she as a CEO, a banker, a stockholder, etc.


Not only did my fellow Amercians in Tupelo, Mississippi NOT vote ’em all out, they voted back in the same Rep*blican incumbents that have been giving tax breaks to the wealthy and the multi-national corporations while turning a blind eye to those same corporations outsourcing their jobs to other countries. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.


Of the 355 mass killings in the US so far in 2015, the total number by Kenyans is 0. Total number of mass killings by Christians: 353.


And since I used the word “worse” once, why not again: I saved the worse photo as the penultimate image on this page. This one is actually clever and ironic, the latter a trait seemingly rare in those who sit right of center. But it often seems that no matter what the topic of the conversation with the rightwingers, somethings are always latent if not obvious—violence being one of them.


I want to believe that this implies that at least some Tea Partiers have a sense of humor! I’m not much of a believer . . .


This is the original header image until I found the much more dramatic photo at the top of this page with the threat to club liberals. This photo here is not ironic: despite the fact that survey after survey shows that people who rely on Fox for their news are among the most uninformed people in America, they believe otherwise. Contradictory facts only strengthen their belief and their resolve and thereby their comfort in being misinformed and yet always being right. 4

Irony and conservatism?!!?

Finally, in defense of a handful of articulate Rep*blicans on the Internet, I have seen a few explain away these egregious offenses by claiming that they were being done either a) ironically to make a point, or b) that they were done by liberal infiltrators trying to make the Tea Partiers look bad.

Sorry, but for the first, irony and conservatism almost never meddle with one another. As for the second: sorry again, but nobody I know has the time to get dressed up like a redneck, paint a sign, and hang out all day at a rally to make Tea Partiers look bad.

That is a job that they seem more than willing to fulfill on their own: on being misinformed and yet always being right.

“I suppose if Jesus had it in His heart to take in the lepers, the beggars, and the whores, he could find room for the grammatically challenged.” – Anonymous

Leftwingnut rallies and protests

There is nothing like the regular Tea Partiers’ rallies among the (rumored) left-wing in the US. Certain situations cause rallies or protests to happen. That’s called a temporary ‘grass roots’ movement.

When they do gather, leftwingers tend to carry grammatically correct signs noticeably lacking in bigotry, racism, homophobia, misogyny, etc. Except for a few fringe elements (think of the wackos in masks at the WTO protests) they do not carry signs threatening violence this time or next time. 

Do any of the folk at these Tea Party rallies ever call the spelling and grammar errors on the signs to the attention of the sign’s maker?

Certainly there have always been a small percentage that throw things or break windows or engage in acts of civil disobedience that involve destruction of public and private property. (Those WTO people again.)

They have always been with us: I remember having to corral them in during anti-war demonstrations in 1970-71. No doubt they always will be with us.

And they do tend to add a stink to such events that the other 99% have to carry with them.

The large protests by lefty groups tend to be controlled and peaceful—until authorities step in and act violently. Perhaps that is the mistake that we are making!

And me? I’m waiting so patiently, lying on the floor. I’m just trying to do this jig-saw puzzle, before it rains anymore . . .

PCTC_Lefties2 copy

FEATURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page was taken forty years ago and may include a few people who stopped getting high and listening to rock & roll music and became Tea Partiers. Of course, when you gather large numbers of leftwingers together in one place, make sure they don’t have access to marijuana and music or you could have an outbreak of good good good vibrations. This is often manifested in thousands of people spontaneously raising their hands above their heads in a two-fingered peace sign.


  The term easy-peasy is a bit of British children’s slang of recent origin, its earliest usage attributed to the 1970s. I do not believe that I have ever used it in conversation and certainly not in print, but as the ancient anonymous Jewish author of Ecclesiastes opines: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

2   In this case, the website I used was the amazing Please Cut The Crap, where Mr Milt Shook attempts to deal with the irrationality of millions of his fellow Americans by offering them facts instead of delusions and illusion. Recommended highly!

3   Much, much worse.

4   The pattern of having stone-cold facts that contradict your belief only strengthening that belief is not reserved for Tea Partiers or christians or rightwingers in general. It happens to you, too. Read Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson.


Um, when I was mentioning racism, violence, and homophobia above, I dunno how it slipped me, but there’s this misogyny thing going on with rightwing  men, too. I don’t personally get misogyny nor do I get why these guys would want dominance of this sort, but they do. And yes, this sign is well made and grammatically correct.

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  1. “And here comes the bishops daughter…” With her jigsaw puzzle.

    The first time that I think I saw/heard the term “Easy-Peasy” was on that, to me, great TV show “Firefly” a few years back. Find it and watch all the way through. Then, watch “Serenity” for the underdogs view of we did it to ourselves!

    It could get much, much worse, methinks.

    1. Ten years ago, the Bern and I went to the movies to see a particular movie but got there late. As we had freebies and wanted to see something, we opted to see a movie we had never heard about (nor did we know any of the stars) but we liked the poster! Good enough reason, right?

      So we went in and saw SERENITY.

      As we left the theater, I said, “Y’know, that might be the BEST action-science fiction movie I ever saw!”

      And the Bern concurred.

      So we started raving about SERENITY to our friends, none of whom knew any more than we did. Finally someone said, “You mean you’ve seen the movie but you’ve never seen the TV shows?”

      Huh? What TV show?

      That’s how we discovered FIREFLY. One viewing and we bought the series.

      Berni’s in love with Nathan Fillion (transferred to CASTLE) and I am in lust with Adam Baldwin! No—Wait! I mean, ahem, I am in lust with Morena Baccarin, Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, and most especially Gina Torres!!!

      PS: We just rewatched BLAST FROM THE PAST last night, a delightful film with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone as the protagonists, and Christopher Wlaken and Sissy Spacek as the best parents ever! Nathan Fillion has small but fun role in this movie as a conceited obnoxious ex-boyfriend.

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