hey buddy, you wanna talk about it?

WAY BACK IN 1974, I did a favor for a friend: he was managing a small restaurant on Wyoming Avenue in Forty Fort and needed the day off. One of his responsibilities as manager was to tend the bar, which is what I did that day. This was not a drinker’s bar—the majority of drinks CONTINUE READING

pope francis puts down trickle-down and those wielding economic power

IN THE SUMMER OF 1964, I was not quite 13-years old. I was trying to stay awake in the hot, crowded, non-air-conditioned confines of St. Ann’s Chapel in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Father Devlin was performing the Mass, his sonorous voice chanting the Latin in his mildly monotonous manner which had a hypnotically soothing effect.


so atheism and agnosticism don’t do it for you—are you man enough for secular humanism?

DID YOU GROW UP with a “normal” religion an then rejected it and all traditional religions? Atheism and agnosticism not enough? Want the marvels of science revealed to you? Ever want to know what the hell the religious right are talking about when they mention Humanism, or (shudder) Secular Humanism? 

First, Humanism is a philosophy CONTINUE READING

william of occam meets the reverend nemu

THE TERM ‘OCCAM’S RAZOR’ is bandied about in our culture on a regular basis in a variety of circumstances. The average joe generally uses it to mean something along the lines of “The simplest solution to a problem is the correct solution.” Say it ain’t so, joe: the definition is not entirely accurate. And so CONTINUE READING

how the hell did I end up here?

CHINESE CHESS PIECES? If you looked at the chess board at the top of this page and thought, “How the hell did I end up here?”—don’t worry, everything’s just fine. When I started this blog in 2013, I knew little of what I was doing: that includes what content I wanted to post and how CONTINUE READING

what do earl grey tea, vanilla bean ice cream, and dharma & greg have in common?2

WAY BACK IN 2013, I fell in love with Tazo’s Earl Grey tea. This was surprising because I had never ever liked earl grey before. I was a fairly devoted consumer of caffeine via coffee—usually a strong dark roast with lots of body and oomph! But as I got older, a little oomph went a CONTINUE READING

staring into space in the presence of others

I’M A WRITER and ideas come unbidden throughout the day and night. If they’re good, they can keep me staring into space while I ratiocinate my through them. I have learned to cease and desist whatever I’d doing if these ideas come at an inopportune time, like when I am doing something that could CONTINUE READING

in a dark time, the eye begins to see a world of early childhood damage

WE LIVE IN A WORLD of early childhood damage, says Morris Berman. This is what caught my eye when I was turned on to Berman’s website, Dark Ages America. The reader will find below excerpts from an interview with Berman by Murray Cox for Omni magazine (August 1991 issue).

What follows is an abridged version CONTINUE READING

right-wing extremists inject hateful rhetoric

AS I HAVE MENTIONED over and over again, the prevalence (that’s a bit of understatement there) and virulence of rightwingnuts on various social media on the Internet—how they inject hate and fear here, there, and everywhere. I thought I’d let someone with a bigger pulpit reiterate some of my points: in October 2017, Right Wing CONTINUE READING

I did not pay that woman with whom I did not have sexual relations to not talk about not having sexual relations with me!

I DON’T GIVE A HOOT what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms, in their offices, in a hotel room, or in the White House. I don’t care that Donald Trump may have had some sexual relations or any other kind of relations with Stormy Davis—although the Forbes magazine thing is funny.CONTINUE READING

flashback with olivia newton-john in another place and time

JUST OPENED ALTERNET and among the dirty dozen or so stories—including those on the White House, white nationalists and Stormy Davis—there was this splash of color with multiple images of Jimi Hendrix circling the Mad Hatter! It accompanied an article titled How LSD Makes Music Profoundly Awesome” about researchers learning more about how CONTINUE READING

two men standing in a field, then there was one (on being a left behind)

MANY PEOPLE with a pronounced right-leaning political persuasion have had the experience of meeting me and, perish forbid, engaging me in animated discourse. Many come away thinking me a librull arsehole. So, does that make me a left behind?

I found the lovely photo of the teddy bear in the woods at the top of CONTINUE READING

when my people are in control vs. when your people are in control

A RECENT QUORA posed the question, “Why is there such animosity between liberals and conservatives in the United States?” A Tom Wetzel offered an intelligent comment that opened with this statement: “It’s ironic in a certain way. Both Democrats and Republicans espouse forms of liberal ideology that are intensely pro-capitalist.”


what do lee harvey oswald and facebook temptresses have in common?

SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN! Gorgeous young women (and they’re always young) wearing hardly anything at all! Where? On Facebook! They’re all over everybody’s favorite social media platform! And I regularly receive invitations to become ‘friends’ with these Facebook temptresses, these very young women wearing very little clothing.

When one receives a Friend CONTINUE READING

I survived the great flu of 2018 … will you, too?

AS I WRITE THIS, Berni and I have been down with The Great Flu of 2018 for more than two weeks. This is a particularly virulent version of the flu, and while I can’t accurately say that I was knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s Door, I can honestly say like it felt like I could CONTINUE READING

oliver stone and clint eastwood and all those silly conspiracy theories

IN A RECENT POST on The Round Place In The Middle (“If I Tweeted“), host Nondisposablejohnny addressed a variety of issues with hypothetical tweets, including several about the 1991 movie JFK by Oliver Stone. This led me to want to address all those silly conspiracy theories out there. These non-twittered tweets worked as CONTINUE READING