a penny for your protest

Yes, this really happened: “Kentucky Gay Couple Arrested, Fined One Cent For Protesting At County Clerk’s Office.” Click on the title and read it; it’s a short piece and will take less than a minute to peruse.

Yes, the two men broke a third degree trespassing law—and, like most of you, I had no idea that there were “degrees” of trespassing.

Yes, I know what some of you are thinking: Was it necessary to take something like this to court and a jury? 

Yes, this charade probably cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars, despite the fact that the maximum penalty for the charge was $250.

Yes, I know what others of you are thinking: Is this deliberate display of public insubordination and contempt for the law a part of the “homoseckshual agenda” everybody keeps talking about?

Maybe baby . . . 

Comments and arguments welcome!