the return of the little red motor scooter (and five dollar buck lunches, too)

YESTERDAY I was on my way down Avondale Road, heading to Home Depot to pick up a couple of pieces of doweling and a pair of bracings to make clothe-racks in the closets of our new house. As I pulled up to the red light at the Union Hill Road intersection, who should pull up behind me?

Not a cop—but the little red scooter from “motor scooters and the return of the five dollar buck lunch”! The driver was wearing a helmet but the amount of face that I could see in my rearview mirror suggested a female, young, cute. Turning left, I immediately headed for the right-turn lane while the scooter zoomed off straight ahead.

Oh well . . .

This morning, at 6:30 AM, as I pulled into the shopping center to drop Berni off at “her” Starbucks, the rider was just getting off of the little red scooter in the same parking spot that it had been in the day before (my first sighting).

I pulled alongside the scooterist, rolled down the passenger window, and said “Hello.” She confirmed that she had been on Avondale the day before and we chitchatted about her bike. The fact that she was a regular at Starbucks and recognized Berni—and, of course, the fact that there was a woman between her and this strange (older) man asking her questions—made the conversation go easy.

I inquired about the bike’s top speed: “About 45 mph.”

I told her that when I was her age it was 35 mph and she said that’s still the norm but that her bike was bigger and therefore faster. “The slower bikes don’t have to be licensed, but mine does.”

“Can you ride it on the freeways?”


“Well then, that hasn’t changed.”

We introduced ourselves; her name was Dee. Then Berni said, “Neal wrote a piece about your bike on his blog.”

“Really? Can I read it?”

So I wrote down my blog address and passed it over. “I write about whatever I wanna on that site. And I don’t write for the moment, I write for posterity. That means that if you read a cuppla current pieces and you like them, go back to the beginning and read others. Only a few of the political posts are dated. I have another site where I just write about music and old records.”

“Really? I’m a musician . . .”

“Well, read a few things on the regular site and then I’ll send you over to the music site, Rather Rare Records.”

“Thanks!” and off she went to work.

And I kissed Berni goodbye and she left for her daily latte and the morning paper and I turned on the classical station and headed home to write this bit of trivia.

And finally, yes, the $5 Buck Lunch is still available at Dairy Queen—and no, it’s not venison!


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