san francisco fog and the golden gate bridge

I NEVER THOUGHT TO DO THIS BEFORE—just make a brief post presenting a short video. But today I received Simon Christen’s ‘Adrift’ and thought, “Why not preserve this lovely video so that readers have a place to return to for future viewings?” This short was part of my daily email from Big Geek Daddy, which sends six such videos a day to subscribers.

Here is their brief intro to the video:

Adrift is a beautiful time-lapse film from photographer Simon Christen that features the world-famous San Francisco fog and Golden Gate Bridge. If you think it’s easy to create a video like this, consider that the fog doesn’t follow the same pattern, and the weather conditions have to be just right to get the best photographs. It took Simon two years of monitoring the weather conditions, and getting up at 5 AM on the days he thought he would get the shots he wanted, before he was able to create the video.”

A bridge’s accidental color

The text above for Adrift included a final sentence suggesting the viewer also watch a second video addressing the Bay Area’s famous and beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, which I have also included. Here is the introduction to that video:

“Most people are familiar with the Golden Gate Bridge, and many have even seen it in person while visiting San Francisco. However, until I saw this video, I never gave much thought to the unusual color of the bridge. The orange hue of the bridge was an accident of history. San Francisco owes the iconic color of its bridge to Irving Morrow, the consulting architect, who noticed the striking reddish-orange hue of the primer coat, and lobbied to have it made permanent.”

I lived in Napa Valley (which is part of the Bay Area, if peripherally) from 1978 through 1981, and can assure you that the bridge is stunning on a sunny day. Mr Morrow’s inspiration almost seems fated in hindsight.


Unfortunately, during the years that my x and I lived there, we never thought to make a day of fog-watching by being on a hilltop in the bay at 5 AM with a thermos of coffee and a blanket . . .