the byrds, the fifth dimension, lsd, and einstein — part 1

This is the first in a series of pieces on the Byrds’ fourth single proper, 5D (Fifth Dimension). In it, I discuss my finding the record on the day of its release in June 1966 without ever having heard it on the radio. For all you record collectors out there, I call this chapter: “My plastic, fold-open, mono, teenage record player”

This entry on the Byrds’ 5D (Fifth Dimension) single from 1966 has been moved from this website to my new website, Rather Rare Records ( It has been combined with the six other parts here into one piece there: “the byrds’ 5D (fifth dimension) – is it the most underrated single of the psychedelic sixties?” Minor modifications were made on the seven parts so that it reads more fluently and less redundantly.

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  1. HCNL Apologies for the delay in responding here: I just realized that I have several “pending” comments! Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the input! NEAL

    PS: I don’t think cell/mobile phones allow for much gettin’ together anymore . . .

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