conservatives not exactly enthralled by trump are a problem

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THIS ONE IS A DOOZY! The question on Quora was, “Would liberals be surprised to learn that conservatives aren’t exactly enthralled with Donald Trump either?” One must make some assumptions when engaging other Internetally, so I assume that the person who posted this question is politically conservative. I also assume that he assumes that asking CONTINUE READING

I live in an alternative reality where clinton won

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I FEEL LIKE THE OLD MAN in Moonstruck. You know, at the end where everything is happening crazily around him and he puts his head in his hands on the kitchen table, utterly confused. This struck home for me when I opened an email from a friend with a link to an article published earlier CONTINUE READING

it’s our job to figure out what happened in benghazi!

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EVERYWHERE I TURN—whether  in conversation, on in emails with my Republican contacts, and especially on Facebook and the other social media on the internet—I hear people “quoting” then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on what happened to the effect that she said that the deaths in Benghazi “didn’t matter” or “doesn’t matter.”



tales from the crypt of the rightwingnut blogosphere (where is susan berman?)

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YOU KNOW THOSE “NEWS STORIES” that pop up all over the internet one day and you can’t avoid them? You know, the ones that read, “Hillary to be indicted for fribbing on the jimjam on her private server and lying about it!” You see them all over Facebook and they seem so goshdarn important and CONTINUE READING

is “voter fraud” a new political buzzword in the rightwing blogosphere?

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WELCOME TO SIDE 4. Follow in your book and repeat after me as we learn three new terms in Turkish: ‘buzzword,’ ‘voter fraud,’ and ‘viral news story.’ Excellent! Now, before we go any further in the book, I have here a bit of background on two topics: voter-fraud and popular American political buzz-words.


some (piss) poor writing about hillary’s “role” in the attack on benghazi

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THE LAST WORD ANYONE would use to describe me is “conservative”—at least not regarding most issues related to politics. But there’s more to life than politics: I remain old-fashioned on the issue of prescriptive versus descriptive dictionaries (strongly believing in the former) and the misuse of the designated hitter in major league baseball (not at CONTINUE READING

I am what I am and that’s all that I am (on being a pragmatic progressive)

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I POSTED A LINK ON FACEBOOK to an article that took to task a group acronymically known as PUBs, which stands for Progressive Unicorn Brigade. I don’t know how I have missed this reference over the past few years, but I hadn’t a clue as to what PUB meant! The author describes these critters as CONTINUE READING

waterloo, watergate, whitewatergate, and just plain old gate

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DO YOU WANT TO KNOW what Waterloo and Watergate and Whitewatergate have to with each other? And what does a just plain old gate have to do with anything and where does ABBA fit into this? What if I brought another, more recent gate into the conversation—like Benghazigate? Yesterday I posted a piece on Trey CONTINUE READING

vapid vacuous mindless journalism in my mailbox

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INCONCEIVABLE! This is what is passing for news in today’s rightwingnut media world of faux news organizations and the ubiquitous bloggers all over the Internet: “Russell Brand labels ex-wife Katy Perry ‘vapid, vacuous and plastic’ in documentary.” 1


Or my fave, the one that I received in my mailbox from an email CONTINUE READING

the ever fallible myopic vindictive emotional biased me (and you)


GROWING UP, I had a considerable amount of ‘emotional’ obstacles to overcome, many of which were daunting. At least they seemed that way to the teenaged me. To deaden the pain (and the ever-attendant humiliation), I adopted a form of protection from life’s daily barbs by holding my emotions at bay.


it’s our job to do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again!

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EVERYWHERE I TURN, whether in conversation, via emails from my Republican contacts, and especially on the internet, I hear people “quoting” then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the effect that she said that the raid deaths reason whatever in Benghazi “didn’t matter” or “doesn’t matter.”

As much as the righties hate all things Clintonian, CONTINUE READING

seven movies changed political views (huh?)

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I JUST STUMLED over an article titled “7 Movies That Changed Your Political Views According To Science.” It was written by Asawin Suebsang and Chris Mooney for the Mother Jones website (January 7, 2014). It begins humorously by stating that “Rush Limbaugh was right all along. Sort of.” Then the authors continue: 


populist movements grow out of popular discontent

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BRAVO AND BRAVA!!! The Beltway crowd has discovered populism. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s surging popularity [stemming] from her aggressive defense of Social Security and demand for Wall Street accountability has triggered talk of a populist challenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Bill De Blasio indicted New York’s gilded age inequality in his stunning victory in the CONTINUE READING

stand by your man – hillary clinton as conservative icon!

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WHY HAS NO ONE STATED THE OBVIOUS? During the long, arduous, and ultimately pointless episode known as the “Monica Lewinsky Affair”—which was primarily all of 1998 and we are still hearing about it—Hillary Rodham Clinton stood by her man through thick and thin (and rarely was it then). She even had the courage to put CONTINUE READING