my facebook page is now a “rightwingnut hate free zone”

BLOODY FOOKIN’ HELL! I am fed up with the racism and the homophobia and the misogyny and all the other hate-based ‘isms’ behind an endless stream of hate-based comments posted by rightwingnuts on Facebook and in the Comments sections of otherwise decent websites. I want a Hate Free Zone!

Now we have to wade through their foul comments fueled by their latest preoccupation, Islamaphobia!!!  CONTINUE READING

waterloo, watergate, whitewatergate, and just plain old gate

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW what Waterloo and Watergate and Whitewatergate have to with each other? And what does a just plain old gate have to do with anything and where does ABBA fit into this? What if I brought another, more recent gate into the conversation—like Benghazigate? Yesterday I posted a piece on Trey Gowdy and Hillary Clinton and who’s lying about whose lies and out of that came this .CONTINUE READING

how apropoe (wasting irony on the internet and poe’s law)

I AM A PRACTICING IRONIST, if yet unlicensed by any official agency. Alas, I have run up against more than a few obstacles using it on the Internet, especially on Facebook. I usually use irony there when I want to make a point about someone’s extremely irrational comment—a rather common occurrence on the ‘net.

Most parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers for sincere expressions of the parodied views.


who is bigger than the president of the united states?

MICHAEL LENAHAN IS THE #1 DRIVER for New York’s #1 transportation service, VSO Premier Limousine. When the new Pope decides to visit New York, he is met at JFK airport by Michael and VSO’s best car, which everyone calls Groundforce One. When Pope Francis sees the car, he is immediately smitten by its shiny black surface and its heavily tinted windows.CONTINUE READING

vapid vacuous mindless journalism in my mailbox

UNF*CKINBELIEVABLE! This is what is passing for news in today’s rightwingnut media world of faux news organizations and the ubiquitous bloggers all over the Internet: “Russell Brand labels ex-wife Katy Perry ‘vapid, vacuous and plastic’ in documentary.” 1


Or my fave, the one that I received in my mailbox from an email newsletter: Ex-Husband Has Extremely Harsh Words for Hillary-Supporting Pop Star Katy Perry”!CONTINUE READING

trump on mental health as opposed to guns

WITH CAFFEINE-INDUCED GUSTO—what other kind is there at 6:30 in the morning?—I opened my sole “conservative” newsletter, a sort of rightwinglite version of TruthOut and other progressive newsletters that I receive. It arrived with this headlined story: “Donald Trump Blames Mass Shootings on 2 Words President Obama Won’t Dare Bring Up.” I knew it was going to be a great way to start the day. CONTINUE READING