vapid vacuous mindless journalism in my mailbox

UNF*CKINBELIEVABLE! This is what is passing for news in today’s rightwingnut media world of faux news organizations and the ubiquitous bloggers all over the Internet: “Russell Brand labels ex-wife Katy Perry ‘vapid, vacuous and plastic’ in documentary.” 1


Or my fave, the one that I received in my mailbox from an CONTINUE READING

trump on mental health as opposed to guns

WITH CAFFEINE-INDUCED GUSTO—what other kind is there at 6:30 in the morning?—I opened my sole “conservative” newsletter, a sort of rightwinglite version of TruthOut and other progressive newsletters that I receive. It arrived with this headlined story: “Donald Trump Blames Mass Shootings on 2 Words President Obama Won’t Dare Bring Up.” CONTINUE READING

an informed voter test ain’t no litterussy test

THAT OLD COWBOY Jon May and I grew up together, our families living a few blocks from each other in the leave-it-to-beaver-like neighborhoods of Kingston, Pennsylvania, in the ’60s. Somehow, I became what others perceive as a “hippie” while Jon ended up a “cowboy.” The former (inaccurate) perception should be easily understood by CONTINUE READING