the most famous coffee story in america

Like almost everybody, when I first heard of this case, I thought the “award” was insane—despite my cynicism and distrust of the major media in America. When it became a cause cé·lè·bre for radio talk-shows, I became a bit more interested.

I read the facts about this case (as discussed in the twelve minute video below) shortly afterwards, but every time the case came up as a topic of conversation, no one believed me. Everyone preferred the media version.

For those of you old enough to remember this please sit through this video: it is an eye-opener and should cause you to be skeptical of all stories that become cause cé·lè·bres—especially when the talk-shows jump all over it.

Finally, towards the end of the video, when the narrator mentions its being picked up by talk-shows that approximately 90% of talk-show hosts in America are conservative, and often radically so . . .

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