rolling stones “we love you” / “dandelion” — part 2

This piece is an addendum to a previous post published on August 8, 2013. This contains an anecdote that bolsters the argument made by me in that first blog concerning the rarity and value of the Rolling Stones picture sleeve for the We Love You / Dandelion picture sleeve (London 45-905, released in 1967).


This entry began as an observation on the Rolling Stones’ second single of 1967 and flowered into something a wee bit more inclusive. It has been moved from this website to my new website, Rather Rare Records ( It has been noticeably re-edited and slightly rewritten. Ihave also changed the piece’s title to “from buttons to dandelions – the rolling stones embrace dylan and davies and then turn on tune in and drop out.”


2 Replies to “rolling stones “we love you” / “dandelion” — part 2”

  1. I’ve heard of the legendary Capitol record swaps for years, and always felt a little pity for myself for never getting to check them out.

    Now I’m more curious than ever about them thanks to your post, Neal. Maybe YOU could write up something about it? I’m wondering about the whole demise thing you alluded to in this post.

    BTW, interesting story. Sorry you don’t have the sleeve any more, but it does confirm that you were right early on about the scarcity of the sleeve in that condition.

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