the spirit of the sixties lives on!

For five years I worked at a decent restaurant chain. I use the wrod “decent” in that the food was actually good, NOT in the less-than-living-wage compensation  the “associates” received. (And the term associate means “partner, colleague, companion, comrade”–Ha!!!)

We had piped in music via one of those satellite feeds: select a genre and hear the same damn songs over and over redundantly at a volume that was hearable but which rarely allowed for identification of the artist let alone the lyrics.

One such selection played repeatedly sounded like a particularly noxious children’s song. It was enough to drive a sane man to drink and make a sober man crazy!

On one of the rare nights where I closed, we turned the music up and I actually heard the recording for the first time–and all the way through. And, lo and behold, I fell in love  with the damn thing!

Best was when I discovered the absolutely groovy far-out fab-gear fan-bloody-tastic video that accompanied the record’s release:

The Spirit of the Sixties Lives Right On Right Here!

Out Of Our Heads is now one of my favorite records of the past few decades and I was motivated to actually buy the CD that featured the track. (And I NEVER EVER buy new CDs by ANYONE.)


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