this really happened – can’t make up something like this!

This really happened!

Entry in my back-pocket notebook from Monday: “Complimented someone on their tattoos!”


I did that?

I told Berni and she said it was the damn global warming . . .


Happened: Tattooed Rod Steiger from the movie THE ILLUSTRATED MAN.

FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page is of a heavily tattooed—or at least it was obscenely heavy way back then—for the movie version of Ray Bradbury’s classic collection of short stories The Illustrated Man. Reviews of the 1969 movie were not kind:

“Responsibility for the failure of The Illustrated Man must rest with Director Jack Smight. He has committed every possible error of style and taste, including the inexcusable fault of letting Steiger chew up every piece of scenery in sight.” (Time)

“[The] screenplay is unsharp, without focus, working into and out of the hallucinations with great awkwardness.” (The New York Times)

“Smight’s confused, wandering film never does quite come to terms with what it wants to be.” (Chicago Sun-Times)

“Rod was very good in it, but it wasn’t a good film—the script was terrible.” (Ray Bradbury)