today special on all pastries

A NEW RESTAURANT OPENED specializing in Chinese foods. Needless to say, it was owned and operated by a Chinese family from Hong Kong, for whom English is a second language. And what a second language the English language is: filled with so many ‘foreign’ words, phrases, and usages that its rules and strictures often seem non-existent.

The restaurant has good food and is doing well, but recently they decided to have a special sale on their especially good pastries. To promote this sale, they made a sign and placed it outside of the building where passing cars would see the offer. On three lines the sign read:

Today Special
Off Any Pastry

Okay, you got that? An unused Marvel No-Prize from 1966 (and, like the least one I gave away, it was not autographed by anyone in the Bullpen) for whoever tells me how much I would save by buying four pastries if this sign means exactly what it says . . .


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