phaw! on rambaldi and the deplorable finale of “alias”

ALIAS was a super-spy/CIA adventure series for ABC that ran five seasons (2001-2006) and was nominated for more than seventy awards—although not a single important nomination was made for the final season. Alias made Jennifer Garner a star, for which we should all be grateful. The first few seasons were loads of fun with good scripts, good characters, and good acting. Berni and I enjoyed these shows immensely.

If you haven’t watched the series, stop reading. If you have watched the complete series, perhaps you understand.

The fifth and final season has been painful to sit through. The events in the scripts were soooooo bad as to defy reason. So bad that I was rooting for Arvin to end the world in episode 104, so I wouldn’t have to sit through 105.

I didn’t: I just got up and left.

Midway through the show.

So I made it through 104 1/2 episodes but just got up and walked away from the story-ending episode 105.

In hindsight, I would call the final season unwatchable, but I sat through it wanting closure.

But I will never know what they did to end the show.

Berni sat through it and agreed never to mention it. She did say that the end was better than she expected: “You might like it.”

“I don’t wanna know,” was my response.

Makes what happened to Firefly seem like a blessing . . .


FEATURED IMAGE: Part of the cast of Alias from left to right: Greg Grunberg, Ron Rifkin, Mia Maestro, Victor Garber, Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan, Carl Lumbly, and Michael Weisman.

PS: The only way that the plot made sense was if Rambaldi was in fact from our future and was a time-traveler who settled in the 15th century. This would have made Alias a series science-fiction series in disguise.

PPS: Throughout the fifth season, whenever there was a potentially lethal confrontation between opponents—most of whom were trained killers—instead of shooting their mortal enemy, the good guys and the bad guys lapsed into the type of monologuing that would have had Buddy Pine (aka Syndrome) chuckling to himself in embarrassment!

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